The Challenges and Decline in Russian Tourism in Turkey

The Challenges and Decline in Russian Tourism in Turkey

In the summer, 2.5 million Russians came to Turkey – this is 19% more than a year earlier, but less than before the pandemic.

The Turks are perplexed: our compatriots were missing at the most popular resorts. The hopes that after the pandemic and the closure of borders that everyone would rush to Antalya were only partially justified. Yes, relative to the last three summer seasons there were more guests from Russia than usual: 2.15 million. But at the same time, 3.16 million of our compatriots visited the country in 2019. The difference is obvious, isn’t it?

As representatives of the tourism industry explained, the ruble weakened so sharply against major world currencies that in August 2023, the pleasure of spending a week in Turkey was available only to very wealthy Russians. On average, I had to pay 183 thousand rubles for a trip, and hotels raised prices so much that even for three stars I had to pay the same as for all five. On average, rooms have risen in price by 20% compared to 2022.

As a result, according to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, for the first time in the history of domestic tourism, Turkey ceased to be a popular destination and became one of the most expensive.

There is another reason – Turkey is now not so easy to get to. Sanctions have limited many carriers’ ability to fly abroad. So the volumes of air transportation, although they have increased since last year, do not reach 2019.

Be that as it may, Russians are still the most frequent guests in Turkey. In second place are Germans, in third are residents of Great Britain. But the Russian Union of Tourism Industry draws attention to the fact that these statistics do not reflect the resort situation, because Istanbul is increasingly becoming a transit city from which passengers fly on without stopping.

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