The women and the scene; Scientific Analysis of Snake Catching in Nilanpur: Nattu Visesham

The women and the scene; Scientific analysis of the pig farm in Nilanpur

Thursday, November 3, 2022 00:00 IST

Nilanpur: two parts for those who applied for Panpupitita Parishilaan The exam took place at the Nilanpur Division Complex.
Department of Social Forests Deputy Forestry Conservator V. Sajikumar inaugurated the ceremony. 77 people including three women participated in the study.
The nodal officer “Sarpa” and assistant Muhammad Anwar, the forest conservator of St., the coordinator of the Sarpa district Javad Kudukkan and the rescuer Usman Papini Para, Jafar Aikarapadi and Abdul Majeed Melmuri are the leaders. Currently, 100 have completed the exam and got the Approximately 30 volunteers are ready in the district, said Lisa from the Forestry Department. If snakes are handled in an unsanitary or unscientific manner, it is a crime punishable by up to seven years imprisonment under the PA Act 1972. Muhammad Anwar, Conservative Forestry Assistant, said: Hikavanavatkarana Division Nilanpur Range Officer AK Rajeevan, M. Lappuram Range Officer PS Muhammad Nishal, Nilanpur Deputy Range Forest Officer VB Sasikumar N Nivar spoke.

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