The volleyball sisters have another evil deed! “40 slap combos” planted… the teammates were forced to shout: I am a thief

Li Daying. (Photo/Retrieved from IG)

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South Korea’s “Goddess of Volleyball” Lee Da-young and her twin sister Lee Jae-young were recently revealed that they had bullied classmates during their studies. After the incident was exposed, the two were completely blocked by the South Korean football community. It was because someone took the lead to break the news, leading to other bullies no longer being bullied. Fear, now there is another article on “I am another victim of twin volleyball players”. The author mentioned in the article that one of the sisters gave him 40 slaps in a row, angering the sisters for their excessive crimes.

After the British bullying incident broke out, Lee Da-young and Lee were not only banned by their professional teams, but also kicked out of the national team. Their careers were feared to be interrupted. This is equivalent to being completely blocked by the South Korean football community. Victims of human bullying are no longer afraid, and are willing to summon the courage to stand up and speak up at this time, which also led to a recent article “I am another victim of twin volleyball players” going viral on the Internet.

The author of the latest article, who claimed to be another victim of twin volleyball players, said that she had lived in the same dormitory with one of her sisters. At that time, the opponent’s wallet disappeared. As a result, the other party wanted to slander her. She said: “Because I said that I didn’t have the wallet, she slapped me until I said it. At that time, I was rewarded with 40 slaps. I felt that the beating would not end, so I lied and said that I took it. Start calling me a thief.”

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Not only that, the victim even mentioned that due to the restriction of one of the sisters, it can be said that it is even more difficult for her to meet with her parents. Every time she meets, she must hide in the gym and see it secretly, but if she is bullied If you find it, you will be beaten up and spit.


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