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The Significance of Demonstrations in London and Global Political Concerns

“I think that we should pay more attention to the hundreds of thousands of demonstrations in London than to the emotional upset of Minister Černochová, who wanted to withdraw from the UN or even cancel this organization. This is a very radical preoccupation for a minister of the Czech government, but after all, history is not made in Prague,” forwards political scientist Zdeněk Zbořil.

“The repeated demonstrations in London are something else. They are, at least according to the BBC reports, almost non-violent but powerful and taking place in a country where Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is considered a politician with ‘Indian roots’. I don’t know if that’s important, I’d rather say not, and that Petr Chelčický and his thesis of ‘non-violent resistance to evil’, as well as the similar attitude of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries , we are not very interested in this matter. But Prime Minister Sunak is the first Prime Minister of Great Britain who can remember the policies of his predecessor Winston Churchill and his relationship with Indian non-violence advocate Mahatma Ghandi. Chelčický reacted to the Hussite storms, Tolstoy wrote the Sevastopol short stories, and Gandhi wanted to free India from the union with the British Empire. I assume that the mentioned ‘Indian roots’ and the function of the prime minister can play a difficult role in the conflict between the State of Israel and Palestine, which his predecessors helped to establish a hundred years ago, including as a place for future conflicts,” he said.

“The current situation has its military-political dimensions, but it seems that, thanks to European pro-migration enthusiasm, it will lead to an equally radical state of politics in other countries as well. Not only in Great Britain and European countries, but also where new centers of conflict may yet appear,” he noted.


Is the comparison between Petr Fiala and Miloš Jakeš exaggerated?

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Demolished: who wars becomes poor, who trades becomes rich? Forget

“I think we can also forget the almost ancient rule – those who make war get poor, those who trade get rich. Although this motto has been around for centuries, it has long since lost its validity. We live in a time when warfare brings human misery on the one hand, and astronomical profits and wealth on the other, which no longer even hides where its bloody sources are. It is not something unknown in human history. But it is no longer so attractive to remember how this story almost always ends. Not by a ‘clash of civilizations’, but by their demise. Then when the songs calling for a fight are replaced by the folk ‘nemelem, nemelem…’ (Incidentally, this is what young people sang to each other during their forced labor for the welfare of the Great German Empire during the Second World War.) It is a kind of mementum mori (think of death) to which one just doesn’t want to believe, but which generations bequeathed not only to the poor and poor, but also to the proud and rich,” he stated.

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About the motivations of future MEPs and the effort to not be together

And how to evaluate the activities of TOP 09 and the coalition Together for the European elections? “I think that today it is indifferent who is running for which political party in the European elections. On the one hand, there is a general belief that the few individuals from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia have very limited opportunities to promote the interests of our citizens in Europe, and on the other hand, that it is better to be motivated by individual material interests. Or even just by trying to use your stay ‘in Brussels’ for financial benefit. Some deputies, and even commissioners, are theatrical examples of how different persons and personalities can transform, some even into ‘pests of the land’. This time it will perhaps only be interesting ad marginum how the interests and desires of those who are members of the government coalition of five at home will intersect and how the representatives of different political parties will be able to forget what fouls they committed against each other in the last parliamentary elections. Those who will vote for the Pirates know that. But Together they will still have to make a big effort to be ‘not together’ or even against each other,” he mentioned.

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Big projects in Ethiopia etc are of course a thing of the past

It is obvious how Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s efforts in African countries turned out. “The information about Peter Fiala’s fast-tracks to sub-Saharan Africa is a bit strange. Sometimes it looks like a raiding party has flown into some places. It arrived, it flew away, it was photographed. “If it weren’t for the commented safari, even starving Czech reporters would have nothing to talk about,” he described. “As if the prime minister with Nutella was more interesting than the country in which Bohumil Holas, a native Czechoslovak, was an adviser to President Houphouët Boigny for almost forty years, and for many years he was on friendly terms with the orientalist and one of the founders of African studies in our country, Ivan Hrbek. Therefore, we cannot be surprised that we are only arguing about the real meaning of this journey from Ethiopia to Ghana, to places with which the former Czechoslovakia had relatively intensive trade relations,” said Zbořil. “Apparently, it was mainly military material and spare parts for subsonic aircraft delivered years ago and perhaps also other equipment in these countries, usually on credit for products sold by the Czech-foreign-trade industry. The large projects that Czechoslovakia implemented in these countries are, of course, a thing of the past, as it finally became clear during the discussion of the state budget in the Chamber of Deputies, where the amount of funds that should support trade relations with this area of ​​Africa was valued at zero from zero will go But perhaps something secretly agreed there, even if the main sales and purchasing expert, Minister Černochová, or one of her officials was not on the scene. That’s why I also think that the supplies of military equipment and equipment were rather insignificant than important.” He added.

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What Margaret Thatcher once said

On that occasion, the question is offered, to what extent is hope for a multipolar globalized world? “That is a question for diviners or bold politicians who send big words into the public space around the world. The time we live in today is the time of big things and small personalities. As Margaret Thatcher once said, too many small ones are embarking on big ambitious projects (she already meant the European Union in the mid-nineties), which already contain an excessive potential for destruction at the time of their birth,” he said. “She was quoted by The Washington Post, which announced to the world that Ukrainian commandos were involved in the destruction of Nord Stream 2, and that the fault was not on the side of the United States (which, according to the forgotten foreign secretary of Great Britain, “did it”). At the same time, it is about triggering the mechanism of the economic crisis in Europe, the culprits of which we still do not know. Similarly, the entire Middle East is being destabilized by ‘other means’ and the consequences of the terrorist commando action in Gaza are apparently just beginning. It seems to some that it is only an attack on the State of Israel and its war with the military part of the Palestinian Hamas, but the repeated demonstrations of hundreds of thousands in London warn us that agreement on the peaceful resolution of international conflicts can be a global problem. Finally, even the Czech champion is calling for the Czech Republic’s withdrawal from the UN, and who knows who will want to follow her example,” he added.

“When Nigeria refused the official visit of the Czech Prime Minister, there was little information about the political and economic potential of this country of two hundred million people, about its immediate future, which seems to be of little interest to Czech traveling politicians. About the world that my colleagues dreamed of as a ‘globalized’ one at the end of the nineties of the last century, and which is out of sight today. And if we want to think about its multipolarity, we can also understand it as the disintegration of the world order and follow the appetite of the great powers to overcome the ‘great panic’, which resembles the situation in Great Britain and Europe after the demise of the colonial system in 1816. As we know, the way out of it was 19th century imperial colonialism. Nothing like this needs to happen again, but we shouldn’t forget its history,” he stated.

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Our consumer-oriented society can withstand it

What will November 17th be like this year? Can we expect only confirmation of convictions and empty talk between the start of the Christmas markets? “I don’t want to repeat your words, because we have already experienced more than enough of laying wreaths at the staged death of Ludvík Zifčák. But I understand that every symbol has its own dynamics, its content changes, and a generation of non-participants has already grown up, who need to bring their existence closer to something. It’s still the same – if we live in a state of information poverty, we need to identify ourselves with symbols, even if they are meaningless. But I assume that the commemoration of November 17, 1939 will be more modest than the one on Národní trída, especially because this anniversary still has an undiscovered and pre-election value among political celebrities,” he said. “And our consumer-oriented society, unless the government deprives it of a large part of its income, will last. There is still a relatively large part of Czech society that, especially in big cities, can afford to fall into the pre-Christmas fever,” he added.

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