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Enhanced Public Transport Service and Timetables in Chartres Since August 28, 2023

Direct lines to the SNCF station, greater timetables and a significantly reinforced service, since August 28, 2023, employees of the company garden in Chartres (Eure-et-Loir) no longer lack buses.

Cramped at certain times, such as at 7:30 a.m. or 5 p.m., since the establishment in August 2021 of the Trades Village which brings together 240 workers with disabilities and 80 support professionals, travelers on line 11 now benefit a duplication of the service. “Comfort was altered,” argues Joaquim Bertoluci, director of SPL C’Chartres Transport. At the same time now, two buses follow each other, which allows for a better service and the ability to remove it if necessary.”

Before the line was strengthened, 1,500 workers used it each month and around 1,300 employees with disabilities. With the doubling of buses, the number of boardings has increased by 30%, estimates the Filibus company. On line 12 “Chartres – Chemin du Tuvet”, “we went from nine races per day to twenty. A final race is also offered at 7:05 p.m. departing from the activity zone” lists Gérard Besnard, president of the board of directors of the SPL. At lunchtime, a return trip to the city center of Chartres to adjust to the schedule of employees who work part-time. Three services serve the station in the evening.

An insistent demand from businesses

The companies Guerlain, Lorillard and Parfums Christian Dior are located in this area to the east of the Eurelian capital. The community responds “to an insistent request. We can no longer create an activity zone without public transport. Without the bus, these companies would have difficulty recruiting,” insists Gérard Besnard. The timetables correspond with the other lines (4&5) to simplify journeys and guarantee quick access to the SNCF station. “The majority of employees arrive by train recognizes Joaquim Bertoluci, who supported our service in this regard. »

The improvement and increase in public transport service in this sector has been achieved at a constant rate, promising the community. “We recovered the buses which had been used for four years by the Jean-Monnet middle school students and which are now welcomed in the new Jean-Moulin middle school,” notes the director. Proof that the Finibus network adapts according to the evolution of neighborhoods or identified needs.

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