The scandal shook the beauty contest. The winner was torn from her head by her predecessor

“I have such a request. There is a rule that excludes divorced women. The crown therefore belongs to the second place,” Jurie said. She then gave the crown to the finalist, who finished in second place.

However, after this incident, the organizers apologized to the woman and declared De Silva the official winner of the competition. Although she now really lives in separation with her partner, she is not divorced. It does not violate any rules of the competition. So the crown was returned to her.

“Living in separation and divorcing are completely different things. I’m not divorced,” De Silva then wrote on social media. The woman also admitted that she ended up with a head injury in the hospital after this scandal.

The event, which took place on Sunday, was very worrying for the organizers of the competition. “We are deeply taken aback and sincerely regret the behavior of the previous title holder, Caroline Jurie,” she quoted CNN organizers. She used to be Mrs. Sri Lanka must therefore apologize to the current winner.


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