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The Rise and Fall of Miss Preference: The Controversial Political Career of Slavena Tocheva

Miss Preference leaves the parliament after Ivan Portnih lost the battle for Varna
For her entire stay in the National Assembly, she asked a single question
People from Varna associate her with the mythical businessman Dido Dankata, while her husband lies in a Spanish prison

From hostess to deputy with pearl shoes for BGN 3,000 – this is the path of Slavena Tocheva from Varna, better known as “Miss Preference”. Now she will have to choose her next career, since she is no longer a representative of the people. On Thursday, her colleagues voted on her request to withdraw from the National Assembly, which she allegedly submitted at the insistence of Boyko Borisov.

The resignation is related to the loss of Ivan Portnich in the mayoral battle, which is said to have been financed by the mythical shady businessman Daniel Slavov – Dido Dunkata. According to acquaintances, he is also behind Tocheva’s successful political career.

The beauty herself announced that she was leaving the parliament as a gesture of taking responsibility for the loss of Portnich. She was a leader of the youth from GERB in the city.

The young but already former deputy was born on December 7, 1990 in Shumen, she has a bachelor’s degree in tourism management and a master’s degree in finance at the Academy of Economics “D.A. Tsenov” – Svishtov. Her biography on the parliamentary website states that she speaks English, Russian, Serbian and Spanish. He sits in the two prematurely dissolved 45th and 46th NAs and in the current 47th. She also worked as an environmentalist in two companies.

However, the word in Varna is different – Tocheva is a former hostess in a noisy Varna club. She is known for a number of social appearances, including around beauty pageants. According to Wikipedia, Tocheva was a partner in a company with Deniz Sakalla, son of the former chairman of the Varna DPS – Vedat Sakalla, to whom she transferred her entire share in 2017. It’s the same year

member of the jury of the contest “Miss Varna”

as a representative of the “Senso” club.

Slavena Tocheva won the highest preferential vote twice in a row in the parliamentary elections. The latter on April 2 had the enviable support of 10,155 voters. Thus, the youth leader of GERB in Varna received more preferences than the leader Daniel Mitov (with 4339) and from Krasen Kralev (with 2996). In the previous elections, he won 7306 preferences.

Interestingly, a large part of the votes come from several Varna villages, where the socialite has hardly ever been, or at least there are no photos of her meetings with potential sympathizers, whom she charmed except with her beauty and ideas for their future well-being . The reason for the large-scale vote in her favor is not clear, the only logical explanation is some other kind of motivation, such as financial, her political opponents suspected.

Tocheva took her first bold steps in the parliament wearing shoes decorated with pearls, sold by a well-known French brand for BGN 3,000. And this did not go unnoticed by the media. One of Slavena Tocheva’s signature moments in parliament was her appearance in shoes decorated with pearls. Photo: Nikolay Litov

Since then she

never fails to show luxury and class on the sidelines,

where she often walked as if in a fashion show – proudly wearing her beauty and expensive clothes.

During her work in the parliament, the lady asked only one question – regarding the large, according to her, number of preferences received by another MP from Varna – Stella Nikolova from DB. But they are much less compared to her own – 3862, and considering Nikolova’s activity at the local level, it is hardly that unusual.

On May 5, MP Tocheva demands that she be answered in writing as to whether there have been reports to the Ministry of Internal Affairs about Nikolova’s addictions and ties to representatives of local businesses. The answer is negative and she no longer appears on the podium.

The 32-year-old beauty has a husband who is known to be in a Spanish prison with a sentence for drug trafficking. All of Varna is talking about her love with the mythical businessman Dido Dunkata. It’s an open secret in town that his financial support spawned her sudden political career.

One of her Facebook pages still has a photo with the GERB logo. There she also published a photo with her son.

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