the new WhatsApp scam in 2023

The National Police has alerted through its social networks of a new scam committed by WhatsApp. This new scam consists of the scammer contacting women and posing as their son to request money.

He already known as the Mom and Dad WhatsApp scam goes far beyond impersonating a public administration or a bank, in this case, the cybercriminals impersonate a son or daughter in financial distress.

To alert users of this instant messaging platform, the National Police has posted an example of how this new scam works on its Twitter account. The victim will receive a WhatsApp message from an unknown number that will pretend to be his son or daughter and will explain to the victim that the reason he is sending a message from an unknown phone is because his phone has broken or locked. Having said this, the scammer tells his supposed mother or father that he is in trouble and that he needs to make a bank transfer -in the case of the example given by the National Police, the request amounts to 2,500 euros- at a account number.

From the National Police they ask the users of this instant messaging platform not to bite and not make bank transfers without first verifying the identity of the person who asks them for help.

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