The Mexican parade returns to brighten the streets of Manhattan

A river of Mexican flags: green, white and red covered Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

Many Mexicans proudly celebrated their independence day: “I am from Puebla, from Tulcingo del Valle, to be clear. Very excited today because last year there was no parade, but we are here supporting and always proud to be Mexican “.


Someone else added: “Very happy to celebrate the cry of independence and greetings to all the Mexicans who are watching us. Long live Mexico, gentlemen!”

This was the 27th edition of the Mexican parade held in the city. A festive event in which a special tribute was paid to the essential workers who during the pandemic kept the city going.

This is how Patricia Hernández, founder of the event, explained it: “It is number 27. It is said easy but it is very difficult to achieve and maintain it. All my boys that I have in a group I spoke to them and they were all excited to be in this great parade.”

It took at least a year of planning to make the parade. Some 1,200 people, four floats and bands like The Bbanda Veracruzana and Greatness, which delighted the audience. And they could not miss the traditional dances.

A group of Tecuanes dancers from Acatlán featuring the tiger, the devil and death, recalled a tradition that was founded in the state of Puebla since 1810. And just like this group, the participants in this parade are proud to be able to show the world its traditions.

José Hernández, representative of the Dance of Tecuanes Acatlán, who wore the tiger costume, says that his dance has reached the Capitol in Washington and for him it is an honor to be able to teach his culture: “The tiger means evil and the Tecuans are the people that he has to hunt them down. Something very nice that people from other countries get to know our culture. “

The display of people was seen from 27th Street to 38th Street in Murray Hill. And the cries of ‘Long live Mexico!’ they made themselves felt. “Everything in absolutely everything, the people, the atmosphere, everything is fine,” commented one viewer. While for someone else: “More than anything for being Mexican, being here is a very beautiful tradition, really.”



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