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The Launch and Progress of the Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo Highway Construction

The construction of the new autobahn starts from the middle

On Sunday afternoon, after nearly two years of delay, the Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo highway will be launched. Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, regional minister Andrey Tsekov, the regional governors of Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo and the mayors of nearby villages will make the symbolic sod of the site – the first new highway in nearly 7 years.

The 132-kilometer highway is divided into three main sections, and on Sunday, construction practically begins in the middle. It is about an 8-kilometer section from the municipality of Tsenovo, Rusensko, to the bypass of the town of Byala. The reason it is built this way is that

only for this section there is a ready technical project,

the expropriation procedures have been completed and a building permit has been issued. The remaining 124 kilometers are still being worked on.

The executor of this section is the association AM RUSE TARNOVO, which includes “European Roads” AD, “Groma Hold” EOOD, “Vodno zaveda – Blagoevgrad” AD, “Avtomagistrali Hemus” AD and “Putproekt 2000” OOD. Their offer was for BGN 985 million including VAT, but the amount refers to the entire 35-kilometer section. With its construction

the problems on one of the most difficult sections of the roads are being solved

in our country – the bypass of the city of Byala, where the intersection with the most accidents is.

Regional Minister Andrey Tsekov first mentioned the upcoming start of construction of the highway at last week’s event of the “24 Chasa” initiative “Municipalities – perspective 2027”, which brought together the new local and executive authorities with businesses.

On Friday, it also became clear that the technical committee of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Habitats has decided not to open a file for the construction of the Struma highway through the Kresna Gorge.

This is a big breakthrough for Bulgaria’s efforts to

it no longer slows down the progress of technical projects

for this section, which are delayed due to the constant efforts of various environmental organizations to open a project file, which could have undermined efforts to secure European funding.

In April, however, the technical committee of the Berne Convention will make a complete analysis of the conformity of the eco-assessment for this section in our country.

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