The integral well-being of its workers, the purpose for 2020 | Business

The new year arrived and with it, great challenges for companies of different sectors and sizes. Although experts predict a positive outlook, in order to achieve the objectives it is essential that the business sector continues to place human beings at the center of their daily work and strengthen their impact on social matters, and in this purpose, a key ally are the boxes of family compensation, who have positioned themselves as the social arm of entrepreneurs and as their strategic partners in the task of providing workers with access to comprehensive wellness solutions of the highest level.

2020 marks the beginning of a decade in which people will be talked about more than technology, since it will be immersed in everything. Likewise, companies are called to transfer their function of mere production of goods and services or employment generation to manage their human capital with policies that contribute to developing happy and active collaborators in their communities, which in turn results in the business productivity and the progress of the country. Similarly, another of the challenges that companies have is to extend the benefits of their welfare plans to the members of the worker’s family nucleus, generating a positive impact on society in general.

Particularly, Compensar, one of the youngest compensation funds in the country, has been committed to that purpose for 41 years, and that is how it closed 2019 with about 96,000 affiliated companies, 85% of them small and medium-sized, and about 2,800. 000 workers and affiliated beneficiaries, in addition to 1,600,000 affiliates in Health and impacts about 4,500,000 people each year, among affiliated and non-affiliated population, through its comprehensive service platform, which includes health, housing, tourism, recreation, sport, culture, subsidies, education, social credit, among other programs and services.

In summary, in the list of challenges and business purposes of this new year it is essential to include the management of the integral well-being of the human capital of the companies, considered one of the competitive advantages that arouses greater capacities, to the extent that when they manage to articulate the collective objectives with the individual it is possible to ensure a long-term organizational projection.

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