World Thousands of people honor victims of Ukrainian plane crash

Thousands of people honor victims of Ukrainian plane crash


Nothing will replace these brilliant lives that have been disrupted, “said Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Frreenlandat a ceremony at the University of Toronto cited by France Agency Press (AFP).

Six college students died in the crash with a ‘boeing‘of the Ukrainian airline Ukraine Airlines International (UAI), which caused 176 deaths, 57 of which Canadians.

Iran admitted responsibility for crashing company device UAI last Wednesday, saying that the Ukrainian civilian plane had been inadvertently shot down by the Iranian military, who mistook it for a cruise missile because of the alertness decreed by the recent escalation of tension between Washington and Tehran.

At the ceremony at the University of Toronto, several family members of the victims expressed sadness and anger.

“It’s a story that touches people, immigrants who have hopes and dreams. They worked hard, they were successful people and they came here to be killed in mid-flight,” Ali said. Esaashani30-year-old in statements to the AFP.

“I’m angry” and “sad,” he shared. “But I am also inspired to see the community come together like this,” he added.

Canada has one of the largest Iranian communities in North America, with 210,000 Canadians of Iranian origin listed in 2016 according to official data.

Half of these live in Toronto, representing one of the largest Iranian communities in North America after the Los Angeles.

Other ceremonies are taking place in Canada today, one of which is in Edmonton (capital of the province of Alberta), where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to address thousands of people. 13 of the victims of the Ukrainian plane crash were from Edmonton.



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