The deputy commander of the police announced that 33 foreign workers smuggled into the police.

Pol.Maj.Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat The Deputy Commissioner of the National Police now revealed that the investigation was Movement for handling foreign workers in Sangkhlaburi District, ProvinceKanchanaburi haveGovernment officialsActually involved 33 people, divided into more than 20 police officers from the commissioning level to the floor Deputy Commander The remaining more than 10 people are officers of other agencies. In which all behaviors were neglected And some of them are involved in the illegal transport process.

Which after this will be submitted to the Commissioner of the National Police Set up a scrutiny committee on Monday, January 18, 2021, including to consider whether anyone is considered a criminal will prosecute according to the process. But if it is not yet considered a criminal offense, disciplinary and administrative penalties will be considered.

The deputy police chief said the police were preparing to issue a warrant for the smuggling of eight other non-government workers within the next week. Which this movement is a group that transports workers to Samut Sakhon Province And other provinces As for the case during 15 Jan -13 Feb, there will be a waiver for foreign workers to register to be legally registered. Has instructed the relevant authorities to be strict along the border Prevent the influx of workers in neighboring countries. To rely on the said period, come to use the right to register

Which is currently in the process of signing and issuing an order to make a concise plan And the Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police to go down to supervise the operations along the border to deter illegal workers from entering the country.


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