LeBron’s cash response to James Harden’s huge trade!

After the transfer of James Harden to the Nets, the biggest stars in the league are logically questioned by the media to know their opinion. This is the case of LeBron James, who had a very cash response to this movement.

James Harden and the Rockets, it’s over. After his media release following the loss to the Lakers, Houston could not stay in this situation any longer. The franchise therefore accelerated negotiations with the Nets to find a deal (full package here). This is the outcome for this soap opera after several months, and we can not say that it is a bad thing.

When we see the atmosphere in the Rockets’ locker room, we tell ourselves that his departure was inevitable, especially after DeMarcus Cousins’ inflammatory remarks against him. Fortunately, this is all finally over.

But what do the players think? Many of them have already reacted on social networks, a few minutes after the insiders’ revelations. LeBron James had other things to do. The reason ? He was playing this Wednesday night against the Thunder. No way for him to deviate from his course despite a big trade.

There were trades today but I couldn’t afford to focus on that knowing we had a game to play tonight.

Still very focused on his matches, the King certainly didn’t change his ritual in order to watch what happened to James Harden. And when we see the result against Oklahoma City, we can say that he kept his word.

The Lakers easily won 128-99, with a LeBron at 26 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists in 27 minutes. A quiet game for the Los Angeles franchise, which continues to gain momentum in the Western Conference.

James Harden’s trade? LeBron prefers to focus on his meeting. An extreme level of concentration, not easy to maintain throughout the season.

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