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6 Essential Vaccines for Adults: Recommendations by Dr. Phakphum Dethasdin

“Doctor Lab” posted that he had just recovered from his illness. Take good care of yourself but you still can’t survive. Take the opportunity to recommend 6 vaccines that adults should inject.

Dr. Phakphum Dethasdin famous medical technician He has posted knowledge on the matter through his Facebook page. Panda Lab Doctor “I confess that I just recovered from the flu. Brothers and sisters, this is so painful haha. I haven’t posted or followed the news much lately. I take good care of my health. He still gets sick, oh my, he coughs so hard and he has a headache and his whole body aches. Anyway, take care of your health, everyone.”

In this regard, Dr. Panda Lab We also took this opportunity to talk and provide knowledge about vaccines, recommending 6 vaccines that adults should get:

1. Pneumonia vaccine

Everyone aged 65 years and over should get the shot. Because at this age the immune system is already weak. If the lungs become infected and become infected in the bloodstream May cause death. Two injections should be given to protect against 13 strains and 23 strains, spaced 6-12 months apart. Protection for life.

2. Shingles vaccine

Everyone aged 60 years and over should get the injection for lifelong protection. People who have had shingles before can get the injection. Because there are many studies showing that even if you have had shingles before, the vaccine can still reduce the occurrence of this disease.

3.Influenza vaccine

It’s spreading at this time. Some people reading this post still have the flu. I’m just coughing. The influenza vaccine can be given to everyone at every age. It should be given once a year. It’s better than not getting the shot because it can prevent about 50-60% of getting the flu. And if you get the flu People who have been vaccinated will have very mild symptoms.

4. Hepatitis B vaccine

Adults of all ages should get the shot because it is a fairly severe disease. But it can protect the buttocks with 3 injections per set, providing protection for life.

5. Tetanus booster vaccine

You should give a stimulant injection. Because we had all been vaccinated against tetanus when we were schoolchildren. But this vaccine should be given 1 booster shot every 10 years to maintain immunity.

6.German measles vaccine

Women who plan to have children You should go get tested to see if you have immunity to rubella. If you don’t, you should get vaccinated before becoming pregnant. Because if we have disease during pregnancy, it will be severe. May cause disability to the baby.

Along with that at the end: In fact, there are now many vaccines. According to the standards recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), so if anyone wants to inject another vaccine, try consulting a doctor.

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