“The Chronic” recovered by Snoop Dogg

Negotiations took place.

Snoop Dogg became the new owner of Death Row Records in February. But there were still points of detail to settle on certain mythical albums of this period, such as Dr. Dre’s first solo, “The Chronic”. But it looks like things have moved on and the classic is back in good hands. Snoop posted a photo of himself and the doctor in the studio with this caption: “The Chronic Came Home”. A sentence that has not failed to comment on Hi-Tek, Benny The Butcher and Statik Selektah in particular.

In an interview with TIDAL Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson, Snoop previously confirmed that in the deal to buy Death Row, he got his own classic “Doggystyle,” the soundtrack to “Above The Rim.” and “The Chronic” and that he continued discussions for Tupac’s albums released on Death Row.

“Controlling the brand means I have all the pieces I need to do what I need to do, from masters to editing, IP, label, logo, everything. Everything is to me. I can do what I have to do with it. As far as 2Pac’s masters go, they went to him last year. But I have a great relationship with his estate, and I’m pretty sure we’ll to be able to find a solution… to continue some of 2Pac’s activities now that I control Death Row. Same with Dr. Dre and “The Chronic”. I have the album. I have had ‘Doggystyle’, ‘Tha Doggfather’, ‘Murder Was the Case’, ‘Dogg Food’, ‘Above the Rim’. I have all those records.”

Dr. Dre’s lawyer later denied these claims. It seems things have changed since then. As a listener, we just hope now that the project will return to streaming platforms…

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