The cat who escaped from its owners returned to them after 10 years


Big Jinjik

The animal was microchipped and hospitalized with a tumor. This helped him to return home.

In Great Britain, a cat named Big Jinj, who disappeared 10 years ago, has returned to its owners. Writes about it BBC.

The pet fled a barge in 2011 when owners Colin Clayton and Eva Bellamy were honeymooning the canals in the Birmingham area.

In addition to Big Jinj, the couple had two other cats who always walked together outside the barge. One day, Jinj just didn’t come back.

The couple waited for the cat for five days, and then put it on the wanted list. Big Jinj had a chip that indicated that he was not homeless. This is what helped, ten years later, to identify a cat that accidentally fell into the hands of good people, but with a tumor on its side.

He was taken to the veterinarian and found an identification chip, which contacted the owners.

However, how he was able to live on the street for ten years is unknown.

By the way, the tumor turned out to be benign.

Recall that a man kicked his girlfriend out of the house because she drove his cat out into the street.

The kitten drove 100 km in the engine and survived

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