“There is a musical Cuba close to poetry, not so masculine and visceral”

Ariel Bringuez He promises to fill the Philharmonic Theater with his “Cuban Nostalgia” next Friday, December 9, starting at 8.30pm. The Cuban saxophonist, who has lived in Madrid for fifteen years, has taken classic themes and songs from his homeland and passed them through the jazz filter, recreating the atmosphere of cosmopolitan Havana from the […]

The occupants flee from Melitopol – mayor

Russian troops in Crimea (archive photo) – – The Russians are heading for the Crimea. At the checkpoint in Chongar, columns of military equipment of the invaders were recorded. The Russian invaders are fleeing Melitopol, in the Zaporozhye region, taking with them the properties stolen from the Ukrainians. In this regard, Tuesday 13 September informed […]

Putin may flee Russia if he loses the war – Society – tsn.ua

Russian President Putin thinks he will win the war he unleashed against Ukraine eight years ago and invaded on a full scale on February 24, 2022. But there are rumors that he is still building an escape plan for himself and his loved ones. – — Of course, we do not undertake to assert that […]

Belarusian comedian announced that he was wanted by the KGB and moved to Kiev

Photo: instagram.com/slavakomissarenko Slava Komissarenko – – A popular stand-up comedian said that he was wanted by the KGB of Belarus for making jokes about Lukashenka and his regime. Famous Belarusian comedian Slava Komissarenko told why he moved to Kiev. The humorist shared his story during one of his performances on the Kiev stage and published […]

Unknown escaped from South Korea to DPRK

Photo: Yonhap Unknown person crossed the military demarcation line – – The South Korean military sent the DPRK a notification of the incident via the inter-Korean communication line. So far, nothing is known about the fate of the defector. An unidentified man crossed barriers in eastern Gangwon Province on Saturday and fled the South for […]

The cat who escaped from its owners returned to them after 10 years

Photo: bbc.com/russian Big Jinjik – – The animal was microchipped and hospitalized with a tumor. This helped him to return home. In Great Britain, a cat named Big Jinj, who disappeared 10 years ago, has returned to its owners. Writes about it BBC. The pet fled a barge in 2011 when owners Colin Clayton and […]

Mexican’s escape to the USA caught on video

Photo: video frame Escape of a Mexican to the USA – – Eyewitnesses filmed how a Mexican illegally climbed over the border wall and fled from Mexico to the United States. In the United States, on the border with Mexico, workers noticed a man climb over a 10-meter border fence and quickly run away from […]

The culprit returned to prison after a 30-year escape

Photo: pixabay.com The man could no longer live on the beach – – The man personally surrendered to law enforcement officials. The cops have been looking for him unsuccessfully all this time. In Australia, a man named Darko Desich, who escaped from a New South Wales prison about 30 years ago, surrendered to police. He […]

In Buryatia, convicts escaped from a mental hospital

Photo: t.me/breakingmash All prisoners who escaped from a mental hospital in Buryatia were detained – – In Ulan-Ude and eight districts of Buryatia, the Siren plan was introduced, and a reward was announced for information about the fugitives. In Russian Buryatia, seven prisoners escaped from a psychiatric hospital for compulsory treatment. It is reported by […]