The Best FIFA Football Awards ™ – News – Lerch: “Harder is one of the most complete women footballers”

The Best FIFA Football Awards™

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  • Stephan Lerch again in the preselection for the award for The Best – FIFA World Coach – Women 2020
  • After this season he leaves the Wolf fins
  • “I hope that there will be a few more special moments”

Living in the here and now and making the best of every situation – that’s Stephan Lerch’s credo. No easy task in 2020, but one that he mastered with flying colors. At the end of last season, VfL Wolfsburg celebrated the double of championship and trophy, only in the final of the UEFA Women’s Champions League did their team Olympique Lyon admit defeat. Despite all the adversities, the 36-year-old managed to maintain motivation and morale in the team.

“As a coach, you don’t have that much influence if you can’t see the players. You live from interaction, and in this case it doesn’t exist anymore. So it was clear to us that we had to find other ways of communication. We have We did a lot of communication with our club-internal program, tried to constantly pick up and update the players. We also sent the training plans through this program and simply tried to approach the matter positively, “he describes the challenges he is facing due to the pandemic saw.

“In addition to the developments regarding Corona, there were also constant new developments about how it will continue and whether it will continue. From ‘season end to we continue playing’ – everything was there. You have to try to stay calm, but the players anyway we still wanted to give hope. We wanted to keep playing and finish the season. That worked out. Spreading optimism is a part that you can take on as a coach. It was a big challenge, faith and optimism wasn’t to lose.”