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That’s where it will snow for the first time in our country

The latest regional SPM model updates indicate that a predicted Mediterranean cyclone will worsen the weather during the last days of the first ten days of January.

Already on January 9, we will feel the influence of the approaching cyclone.

Around midday, cloud cover will begin to increase over western regions and rain will fall in many locations, with heavier rainfall on Tuesday night over western and northwestern Bulgaria.

Expected precipitation will shift eastward on Tuesday and be heaviest over the mountainous regions of southern Bulgaria and the Black Sea. Light thunderstorms are also possible, he said “Weather Balkans”.

Where will the first snow fall this year?

In the late afternoon on Tuesday the wind will move from the northwest over the western half of the country, bringing cold air with it. As it cools in the Pre-Balkans and upper valley fields in western Bulgaria, the rain will mix and turn into snow.

On Wednesday night there will be conditions for winds over the mountainous regions of western and central Bulgaria and along the passes.

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