The Bolivian Police enabled a WhatsApp line for complaints about speeding

After finding out about several traffic accidents on the roads, the Bolivian Police took action on the matter and set up a WhatsApp line, for users to report speeding or any irregularity during trips interdepartmental and interprovincial. The number to which the population can communicate is the 71280618. “We set up a WhatsApp line (+591 […]

New York driver accused of fatal Tesla crash in Brooklyn – NBC New York

NEW YORK – A 23-year-old Brooklyn man was accused of killing his passenger and injuring three other people in a rollover and Tesla crash at 100mph last year, prosecutors said Wednesday. Jonathan Mikhaylov, of Gravesend, is charged with manslaughter, manslaughter, assault, reckless danger and other crimes in the June 10, 2021, night accident on National […]