Naumchik: Under what conditions will Lukashenko go to “reconciliation”

Nevertheless, I would advise you to reduce the level of expression and causticity in relation to Iosif Seredich for his proposal of “reconciliation in the name of Independence.” At a minimum, he has the right to speak on such a topic, since, as a deputy of the Supreme Court, on July 27, 1990 he voted […]

In Kiev, an official called for the destruction of the Ukrainians – SBU

Photo: SBU “Alla Donskoy” will have to answer to the fullest extent permitted by law – – The woman published her “posts” on social networks under the pseudonym of Alena Donskaya, “the security service noted. Employees of the Ukrainian security services have arrested in Kiev a pro-Kremlin agitator who, through social networks, has justified the […]

the furs and tools have been eradicated (online video) – UNIAN

Whilst the firefighters tried to place out the fireplace, the Russians took items out of the retailers and were being not at all worried of dying for easy dollars. Consequently, the Russians have been significantly interested in the fate of the shop where by fur products have been marketed / screenshots In the Russian metropolis […]

Died Dmitry Konoplev – designer of lethal weapons of the Russian Federation, “suffering” from depression due to the war – UNIAN

Dmitry Konoplev, 46, was undergoing treatment for a disorder that began amid the all-out war in Ukraine. 46-year-old Dmitry Konoplev “suffered” from depression, headaches and anxiety disorders / photo AT RF the director of the Arkady Shipunov Instrument Design Bureau, which manufactures Pantsir missile systems, weapons for the Russian ground forces, and much more […]

“hares” were caught and kicked out in disgrace – UNIAN

Passengers were frightened when they learned that two people were on board the charter flight without visas and documents that would allow them to fly. Two Russians got on board the plane / Russians tried to fly from Mexico to England without tickets. The “hares” were caught aboard a charter flight and kicked out […]

cured a hangover by a shaman – UNIAN

The former top manager of Lukoil knew the shaman for a long time and regularly used his services. Found dead former top manager of Lukoil Alexander Subbotin / photo Former top managerLukoil“Billionaire Alexander Subbotin died in Mytishchi, probably after an anti-hangover session with shamans. According to the Telegram channel Mashthe shaman and his wife […]

in Russia, a concert was held for veterans on a flooded street (video) — UNIAN

The orchestra played right next to the puddles, the sewers in the city burst in early April. The authorities of the Hydrolysis perfectly showed how their country “honors and congratulates” veterans / screenshots from the video In the Russian Federation, veterans in the village of Gidrolizny, Arkhangelsk Region, were congratulated on May 9 with a […]