Belarusian comedian announced that he was wanted by the KGB and moved to Kiev

Photo: Slava Komissarenko A popular stand-up comedian said that he was wanted by the KGB of Belarus for making jokes about Lukashenka and his regime. Famous Belarusian comedian Slava Komissarenko told why he moved to Kiev. The humorist shared his story during one of his performances on the Kiev stage and published a recording […]

Lukashenko invited protesters of Kazakhstan to kneel

Photo: frame from video Lukashenko addresses protesters in Kazakhstan President of Kazakhstan Tokayev, according to Lukashenko, is a diplomat, an intelligent and educated person and you can come to an agreement with him. Alexander Lukashenko addressed the protesters in Kazakhstan and said that they should “kneel before the military” and negotiate with President Tokayev. The […]

Lukashenko for life. Belarus changes its constitution

Rejection of neutrality and nuclear-free status, a bias towards conservatism, the Russian language, new powers. What else is changing the Belarusian ruler. The authorities in Minsk have published a draft of the new constitution of Belarus for “public discussion”. It is assumed that before the February referendum, amendments proposed by citizens may be made to […]

The Kremlin announced the date of the new meeting between Putin and Lukashenko

Фото: Getty Images Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin to hold another meeting The talks will take place in St. Petersburg, where Lukashenka will arrive to take part in an informal meeting of the heads of the CIS states. Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Alexander Lukashenko before the end of this year. This was […]

A lawsuit is being prepared against Lukashenka in The Hague

Photo: Reuters (archived photo) A lawsuit is being prepared against Lukashenka to the Hague Tribunal The application has already been submitted to the Polish prosecutor’s office, and in January the lawyer plans to apply to the International Tribunal in The Hague. The Polish lawyer Tomasz Wilinski, who is of interest to the citizens of Belarus, […]

Belarus may block transit of goods between Lithuania and Ukraine

Photo: Lukashenko threatened to block the transit of goods between Lithuania and Ukraine “Let them travel through Germany or try through Poland – it will be three times more expensive,” Lukashenka said. Belarus may block the transit of goods between Lithuania and Ukraine. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko, commenting on Lithuania’s intention to […]

Lukashenko: We will never become Ukraine

Lukashenko issues controversial statement about Ukraine again Belarus is required to become like Ukraine – a “democratic, promising, developed” state, says Lukashenko. Formal head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promisesthat the country will never become the same as Ukraine. “They demand that Belarus become like Ukraine. I quote: a“ democratic, promising, developed ”state like Ukraine. To […]

Lukashenko will support the Russian Federation “in case of aggression from Ukraine”

Фото: Getty Images Lukashenko promised to support the Russian Federation “in case of aggression from Ukraine” Alexander Lukashenko claims that he will “do everything to make Ukraine ours.” The formal head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has promised to support Russia “in case of aggression from Ukraine.” About this Lukashenka stated in an interview with Dmitry […]

Lukashenka is ready to block energy transit if Poles strangle him

Alexander Lukashenko The European Union should “take its chicken brains in hand and think,” since Ukraine and the Russian Federation have “closed the southern border,” Lukashenko said. Alexander Lukashenko is resolutely ready to stop energy transit if Poland fulfills its threat and closes the border. Writes about it RIA Novosti. “Listen, when the Poles or […]