Meghan Markle’s half brother says her marriage to Prince Harry is numbered

Thomas Markle Jr made harsh comments about his half-sister, Meghan, since entering Australia’s Big Brother VIP program last August. The last one was yesterday and said that the Duchess’s marriage to Prince Harry “had its days numbered.” Markle Jr, who is 55 years old and before entering the reality was working as a window installer […]

Police have terminated Prince Andrew’s investigation into the sexual assault

British police have closed an investigation into a suspicion of sexual harassment by Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II. There is no reason to continue the process. The 39-year-old American claims that she was forced to have sexual intercourse with the prince in 2001, and he denies the accusations. The case for the British […]

Hard in the royal family? The kiss speaks for itself

According to expert Judi James, it is Kate Charlesovi in recent months a great support and quite close. “Kate put her hand on his shoulder and around his neck in public, which shows that he trusts himself more and understands his position in the family.” Judi explained. Summer style queens and princesses “A kiss on […]

The Duchess Meghan spoke. Fans have learned how Lilibet is doing

Meghan and Harry protect the privacy of their daughter Lilibet, who was born in June, like hawks. Only they and the chosen members of the royal family seem to know. But the Duchess of Sussex has now said goodbye, and fans have at least learned how the eighth waiting woman on the British throne is […]

No one has ever seen Lilibet. But Harry and Meghan revealed how she was doing

It is a situation that the royal family may not remember. Meghan and Harry already have a three-month-old daughter, but the public still doesn’t know what she looks like. The fleeing couple probably decided not to show Lilibet to anyone. But for the first time, she revealed how their little girl was doing. It seems […]

Prince George missed an important event. He can blame his parents one day

Duchess Kate and Prince William, his father, Prince Charles, and Duchess Camilla will enjoy the film event of the year next week. However, according to British media, Prince George may forget about the ticket to the ceremony. The eight-year-old son of the duke couple from Cambridge could blame his parents at a later age. The […]