Holiday on October 15 of Kupriyan and Ustinya – prohibitions, what not to do

On Friday, October 15, Orthodox Christians celebrate Day of the Holy Martyrs Cyprian (Kupriyan) and Justina (Ustinya). “Apostrophe” tells what prohibitions and omens exist on this day. The Saints Cyprian and Justina are Christian martyrs who suffered and were executed for their faith in the 3rd century. According to Orthodox traditions They pray to Cyprian […]

Exaltation of the Holy Cross 2021 – what not to do today, holiday traditions

The great feast of the Exaltation of the Holy and Life-giving Cross of the Lord is celebrated by the church in memory of Christ’s suffering for the atonement of human sins. On this day, they pray for health for loved ones and the healing of diseases, observe a strict fast and a number of prohibitions. […]

Exaltation of the Holy Cross 2021 – what to do before the holiday, the main rules

At the Exaltation of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross of the Lord, believers remember the sufferings of Christ on Calvary and his sacrifice for all people. The holiday is celebrated annually on September 27, but has one day of the pre-celebration and a week after the celebration. How to prepare for the Exaltation of the […]

People were forbidden to relieve themselves: warning signs with threats appeared in Kiev

September 20, 20:47 Share this Copy link Banners appeared in Troyeschina – eyewitnesses posted photos on the Web Interesting signs appeared in the Desnyanskiy district of the capital / Photo: Collage: Today Residents of Kiev were banned relieve a small need in Troyeshchina. Today, September 20, signs with menacing drawings appeared there. Photo published by […]