In his youth thriller, Thierry Colombié raises awareness of environmental crime

Organized crime expert, – former associate researcher at CNRS -, Thierry colombie has, in recent years, investigated the “French mafia”. Since the summer of 2009, moved by the death of a horse mired in green algae on a beach in Côtes-d’Armor, the Toulousain has been interested in environmental crime, also called green crime: « It […]

New York Odyssey: Friendships and Drama in Manhattan *** 1/2

image provided by Rue Fromentin Laila MaaloufTHE PRESS Posted on April 5, 2017 at 11:05 am Updated at 11:05 am It is the story of five friends who settled in New York to make their living. They are young, they are connected – millenials well anchored in their time who love New York, art, literature […]

So you know! The Earth’s Axis Shifts, The Pole Continues To Melt

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A study reveals that extreme climate change has shifted the Earth’s axis. In the latest research, climate change has increased the melting of glaciers in arctic regions for decades. Research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters states that the large amount of water redistribution causes the location of the north […]

Earth’s Magnetic Pole Reversal Triggered the Death of Early Neanderthals

JAKARTA – Ancient Earth is a far more unfriendly place than it is now. About 42,000 years ago, the Earth underwent a reversal magnetic pole . Also read: So Deadly Disease, It Turns Out that Malaria Has Been Around Since Ancient Times Scientist have known that the earth’s magnetic poles are reversed since the late […]

Explorer Richard Garriott’s Story Visits Earth’s Deepest Point – All Pages– Story exploration visiting the highest mountain on earth maybe we are used to hearing about and have been around for many years. But the story exploration to the deepest point of the Earth’s oceans, it seems that only recently have we heard about it in the past year. The explorer who made the extreme […]

Esther Echeverra: a Navarrese, on the tidal wave of Texas

The 39-year-old Esther Echeverra from Pamplona, ​​who has lived in Austin (Texas) for two years, has experienced firsthand the consequences of the cold wave of the Arctic that has left the population without heating, water, or electricity. AAlthough little by little the situation is returning to normal, Texas is still recovering from the cold wave […]

In Houston, the polar cold after Hurricane Harvey

Jean-François Bonneté does not hide his exasperation. This Frenchman from Houston is one of the millions of Texans affected by the polar cold that rages in the southern United States. Caulked at home with his seven children, without water or electricity while the temperatures felt are around -6 ° C outside, he protects himself as […]

Polar Vantage V2 sports watch is packed with training features

Polar is launching the successor to its top segment sports watch. The Vantage V2 is extremely light, has a long battery life and more training features than you could ever need. Of Polar Vantage V2 weighs just 52 grams, or 21% less than Vantage V, despite a full aluminum housing and a long battery life […]