Suicide capsule: Switzerland legalized a new method of euthanasia

Фото: Exit International The first Sarco capsule has become an exhibit of the funeral culture museum in Kassel, Germany There are two Sarco prototypes and the third is being built in the Netherlands. The third device will be ready for use in Switzerland in 2022. The Swiss regulator conducted a legal due diligence and legalized […]

Women with ALS Laughter, Even though they want to be euthanized tomorrow

Bogota – What will you do when the day of your death is near? Martha Sepúlveda Camp spent the rest of her time on earth drinking beer and laughing with those closest to her a few days before being put to death. Martha will be the first Colombian to receive euthanasia in a non-lethal condition. […]

Tomorrow, this woman celebrates her last day with beer

loading… BOGOTA – Woman Colombia This will end life on Sunday (10/10/2021) tomorrow with euthanasia or lethal injection. He joked with his son by drinking beer to celebrate the last day of his life. Martha Sepúlveda Campo, 51, smiles at the television camera while joking with her son. His request for euthanasia was granted by […]

Stefan left, his mother begged for double euthanasia for 4 years

Renee’s mother has cared for Stefan since he was born. The 31-year-old Stefan died, for whom his mother prayed for 4 years for double euthanasia – for her and her son. “168 Hours” wrote in April about the young man when he had a severe seizure after COVID-19 – see details about the tragedy here. […]

I get vaccinated ¦ Action photo for vaccination

07-06-2021 Take a picture with the sign ” Vacciné ”to show that you have done it and to motivate your loved ones to get vaccinated. Upon receipt of your invitation send us your best shot and it will be posted on For more information on vaccination, we invite you to visit the website […]

Euthanasia. Jean Leonetti castigates “a law which deliberately results in death”

The mayor of Antibes Jean Leonetti, co-author of the last two laws on end of life, criticized the proposal submitted Thursday April 8 to Parliament to create a right to euthanasia, a “Major transgression” which according to him deserves the holding of general states. “The proposed law is a law that deliberately results in death: […]

Jorge María Reverte, more than a journalist

Jorge Martínez Reverte, who died on Wednesday in Madrid at the age of 72, was much more than a journalist. Was also novelist, historian and screenwriter. As a journalist, he had collaborated in emblematic magazines of the late Francoism and the Transition, such as’ Triunfo ‘,’ Cambio 16 ‘,’ La Calle ‘,’ Posibeo Ciudadano ‘, […]

Suspended Assisted Suicide – Talker

Jacqueline Jencquel, a dynamic septuagenarian, had made the buzz for having declared at the end of 2018 that she would end her life in January 2020, claiming her “right to die with dignity”. She is still there today… would her resolution be a little flabby? Do you remember Jacqueline Jencquel? This Olympic-shaped blonde rose to […]