Smartphones did not hold on to price – Kommersant newspaper No. 86 (6807) from 05/19/2020

Against the backdrop of a successful first quarter smartphone market for smartphones, retailers remain optimistic about April-June. They hope that the fall will be avoided, although some experts already predict a decline of 10-20% due to consumer caution and a failure in terms of April sales. In the first quarter, retailers aggressively reduced prices, but […]

When to wait for the new Skoda Octavia 2020 in Russia?

Skoda managed to launch sales of the fourth-generation bestseller in Europe, but there were problems with other markets. The world premiere of the Czech rival Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and Hyundai Elantra took place in November last year. At dealers of European car dealerships, the new Skoda Octavia appeared in early 2020. It was assumed […]

The car owner said what pleased the new Toyota RAV4 2019

The Japanese crossover continues to be popular and break sales records. The Russians have long been convinced that the Japanese auto industry captivates with reliability and quality, so these cars are famous for such popularity. This suggests that most motorists have never regretted that they purchased cars manufactured by Japanese engineering companies. A car enthusiast […]

How UAZ could release a real “Russian Prado” in 2006

At the start of sales, UAZ Patriot almost experienced restyling, which could change a lot. The 2006 Moscow International Auto Show became the place where the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant demonstrated to the public its vision of how the UAZ Patriot should change in the near future. Only now there was one problem – the SUV […]

Why Skoda Karoq is in high demand in Russia

A small Czech crossover is preparing to become a leader in the domestic market. Recently appeared on the Russian market, KIA Seltos expects a complete failure, as evidenced by the success of its direct competitor in the person of Skoda Karoq. This is confirmed by statistics – in the middle of March 2020, Karok accounted […]

In Russia, she still will not show: The updated Hyundai Creta uses the excitement in China

The Korean crossover impressed with amazing sales dynamics. In the fall of last year, Chinese motorists were pleased with their appearance the updated Hyundai Creta, which in appearance is significantly different from the previous version. Korean crossover firmly entrenched in the “heavenly” market, which competitors will not envy. “Crete”, called the Hyundai ix25 in China, […]