workers took to the streets in France the labor movement is spreading further The president will not change political reforms; In France, the labor movement is growing

Workers are organizing a strong strike against French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s economic policy reforms. Unions are demanding better working conditions and wage increases. Drivers, teachers and other public sector workers are mainly on strike and protest. The strike significantly affected the country’s transport systems. An intersectoral protest is underway in Paris. Workers took to the […]

another sin of Japanese pride: Liberation

Expensive and controversial, the former prime minister’s national funeral, held on Tuesday, confirms the arrogance of Japanese leaders, as they supported the Tokyo Olympics at all costs.– Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated on July 8 in the midst of an election campaign for a senatorial ballot. An unacceptable crime, a drama and […]

Sarkozy often varies, although Ciotti relies on it – Release

At Pol Article reserved for subscribers – Presidential Election 2022dossier—Favorable to a questioning of the right of the soil, Ciotti seems to go beyond his “reference” Sarkozy on his right. However, the former president has changed his mind a lot on the subject. – Develop – Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris, September 21, 2016. (Marc Chaumeil […]

Sarkozy faces another prison. He spent twice the amount allowed for the campaign

You can also listen to the article in audio version. – Nicolas Sarkozy knew for several weeks that he was approaching the legal limit on funding the presidential campaign. The indictment came to this conclusion in June, according to which the former president twice ignored the warnings of his accountants. Instead of stopping the flow […]

Jamal Khashoggi assassination: “Big words … and then nothing”

Published on : 01/03/2021 – 07:50 – On the front page of the press, Monday March 1, the bloody repression in Burma of the demonstrations against the coup of February 1. The return of former President Donald Trump to the forefront of the American political scene. The controversy, in France, on the scenario of a […]

Donald Trump for Dummies – Release

If I understood correctly, as long as no procedure forces it to do so, we have hardly heard Donald Trump speak since January 20. Some welcome it, but we can also regret it for fun – we miss an influencer and Twitter is depopulated, far from tweeting far from the heart – while being wary, […]

Macron and the Wrath of the Fishermen

Dhe threat is clear: “If the agreement is not good and does not meet our interests, especially the interests of the fishermen, we, France, like any other member state, could veto.” French European Minister Clément Beaune announced. President Emmanuel Macron gave him the stage on the issue of access to UK waters after the end […]

French ex-president Sarkozy faces corruption in …

French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy is on trial in Paris from Monday in the so-called eavesdropping affair. After Jacques Chirac, Sarkozy is the second French president since the founding of the Fifth Republic to answer in court. – Sarkozy, now 65, is accused of attempting to steal classified information from a high-ranking judge. In return, he […]

Fillon imprisoned: An unimaginable judgment

In It was previously unimaginable in France to send a former head of government behind bars. Therefore, the verdict against the former prime minister François Fillon the effects of a political earthquake unfolded on Monday afternoon. The judges sentenced the 66-year-old politician to five years’ imprisonment for the mock employment of his wife, three of […]