Government crisis, Renzi wants a mandate to Fico-

After the interview with Mattarella Matteo Renzi speaks for 27 minutes in front of the cameras: «For us the fundamental point is to say that we are ready to support a government, but this political proposal requires the further step of understanding whether they want to stay with us or not. They have to confront […]

The mother of Nicola and Luca Zingaretti died

Emma Di Capua, mother of the leader of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti and of the brothers Luca and Angela, died at the age of 86. Di Capua had been ill for some time and it was the same secretary dem and president of the Lazio Region to remember, in a letter sent in 2017 […]

“184 positives, infections returning from Sardinia fall” – Libero Quotidiano

Slight positive signs from the bulletin of coronavirus in Lazio: I’m 184 the positive cases recorded in the last 24 hours, with only one death. Of the newly infected, over half (the 60%) is represented by re-entry infections but it is falling (35%) the share of positives returning from Sardinia. The Lazio data is significant […]

“How far can my loyalty go” – Libero Quotidiano

The great frost. So headlines today’s edition of Republic, which speaks of the discontent of Nicola Zingaretti and suspicions of Giuseppe Conte: so the backbone of the government falters. It is now clear to all that the relationship between the secretary of the Democratic Party and the Prime Minister has cracked: “My loyalty – is […]