Sabrina Ferilli is still with Virginia Raggi, here’s how the other famous people will vote

Carlo Verdone: “No, the city is dirty”

“I don’t like to shoot anyone, but I’m tired of seeing the city so dirty and filthy, draw your conclusions”, he confides bitterly Carlo Verdone. «Under my house, for one thing, in summer you walk in autumn: the sidewalks are covered with dry leaves, because the trees are sick, every week someone slips and falls, do we want to continue like this? But people baccaglia only at the bar or in the condominium, nobody actually does anything, there are no proposals, no projects. And by now I have fallen out of love, every weekend I can’t wait to go to the countryside ».

Claudia Gerini: “No, no results from the Rays junta”

Claudia Gerini tries to put it down slowly: «I don’t have it with Virginia Raggi, even if I didn’t vote for her and I wouldn’t vote for her. Maybe she will also be committed, poraccia, however, the results are almost nil: are there any alien forces that are preventing you from keeping this city clean? Is it possible that the Tiber is reduced to a putrid river, full of dead fish? I don’t want to believe you can’t find someone who can take matters into your own hands. Rome must be protected, loved ».

Pietro Valsecchi: “No, I would like Zingaretti”

Once enough and more for the producer Pietro Valsecchi. «I am angry. Nothing against Virginia Raggi, a decent person, but she tried and failed. He will not be able to accomplish in eight years what he has not done in four. I would see Nicola Zingaretti well, it would be perfect. Not a candidate? Not yet … The important thing is that we change. Does it seem normal to you that I pay my taxes and then have to rent a private truck to take away the garbage in front of my door? ”

Alessandro Gassman: “Roman politics is muddy”

Alessandro Gassman also seems to have been tried by the poor condition of a Roman citizen. “I can no longer judge my city, but I don’t think I can say that it is in better condition than ten years ago. I don’t know what I’m going to vote for, I don’t even know who

he will be opposed to Raggi as a candidate, for now Roman politics seem muddy, tiring, not very courageous and with little vision of the future ».

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