Recovery: green light from the CDM, but the ministers of IV abstain | Renzi: soon Conte will announce a new majority

January 13, 2021 01:52 am

The decision of Italia viva on the permanence or not of its ministers within the government has been postponed

“If Renzi slips away from Italy, he will live in the next government” The first signs of a new day of internal clashes with the majority occur in the late morning when a vitriolic tissue filters from Palazzo Chigi: “If Renzi takes off, no new executive with IV will be possible”. The premier therefore seems ready to proceed with the support of another majority, thanks to the support of a handful of managers ready to replace Italy alive.

Renzi: “A Conte-Mastella government is possible” “If the Prime Minister has taken this line, obviously he is convinced he has the numbers and that’s okay – comments Matteo Renzi shortly -. It’s called parliamentary democracy and we go to the opposition”. As for the possible new members of the majority, the leader of IV has no doubts: “I believe there will be either a Count-Mastella of whom we will be in opposition or a different government. Whether there is a new government will depend on Parliament”.

The Democratic Party tries to avoid the crisis For the moment, however, the decisions are frozen and Renzi takes time while the Pd is pressing also on Conte so that the crisis is quickly closed without resorting to those responsible. “The urgency is to give concrete answers for the Italian rebirth. This majority can do it – they remark. – We confirm our opposition to the opening of a crisis which now, among other things, would prevent the approval of the refreshment decree and the aid for many Italians, for many companies and small businesses in difficulty “.

The abstention of Italy alive in the CDM During the CDM, the ministers of Italia viva, Bellanova and Bonetti, abstained from voting on the Recovery Plan. It was Matteo Renzi himself who had announced the decision, if the green light had not been given to the activation of at least a share of the sanitary Mes.

Conte on CDM: “Mes has nothing to do with it, it is offensive to mention dead” Conte clearly didn’t like the decision to abstain, and he expressed himself harshly. According to government sources, the prime minister, when Iv asked for the ESM in the CDM, invited us to consider that “the ESM is not included in the Next Generation and therefore this is not the place to discuss this point”. The Prime Minister would also have “invited us not to speculate on the number of deaths in Italy to invoke the activation of the Mes”, with “an approach that offends reason and even ethics. If it were a problem of financing, why then? Germany, while investing twice as much on health as we do, now finds itself with double the daily deaths? “.



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