The mother of Nicola and Luca Zingaretti died

Emma Di Capua, mother of the leader of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti and of the brothers Luca and Angela, died at the age of 86. Di Capua had been ill for some time and it was the same secretary dem and president of the Lazio Region to remember, in a letter sent in 2017 to Republic, which on 16 October 1943 was saved from the roundup of Rome by a fortuitous event.

“The Nazi-fascists – wrote Zingaretti with his brother-actor Luca and his sister Angela – entered the house in Monteverde Vecchio looking for the family of Angelo Di Capua, our grandfather, and if our 7-year-old mother had been there, she would surely have been arrested and deported and then killed. So it was for millions of men, women and children across Europe “.

Zingaretti in the letter sent to Republic he explained that he and his brothers are not Jews, “except in cultural roots, because our maternal grandmother was not, and therefore our mother is not. But the Nazi-Fascists did not care.”

The condolences of many politicians came to the dem secretary, from the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, to the fighter Antonio Tajani. “Dear Nicola Gypsies, an affectionate hug from me and from the community of Italia Viva for the loss of your mother “, writes on Twitter the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova. And to express their condolences for the loss of the secretary dem were also the group of the 5 Star senators and the deputies of the Democratic Party.



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