Mengoni, I slapped myself but now there is balance – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 DEC – “I slapped myself and my fears, but especially during the period of the pandemic I began to understand myself, to look deeper. Now somehow I have forgiven myself and have reached a balance “. And around this “acquittal” revolves the new work by Marco Mengoni, Materia (Terra), to be […]

Tim: Gubitosi steps aside, Labriola is the new CEO – Economics

Tim’s CEO Luigi Gubitosi takes the step back that he had announced, does not resign but puts the powers back to the board. Pietro Labriola is “the new general manager of the company”, Tim confirms in a note. “The director Luigi Gubitosi resigns the powers of Chief Executive Officer and leaves the office of General […]

Milan is shaking! Protesters jumped on K-19 certificates

Nearly 3,000 people protested in Milan against the introduction of the covid certificate. It is a must for every Italian who wants to go to work on Monday. This means that they must be vaccinated, have a negative test for the virus or have a proven illness. The unannounced No Green Pass initiative started from […]

Giorgio Armani, “I do not take a step back” – Ultima Ora

(by Gioia Giudici) (ANSA) – MILAN, 23 SEPTEMBER – “I don’t think I have to retreat from my ideas and my way of thinking, I don’t want to go back one step” says Giorgio Armani at the end of the show with which today in Milan Emporio Armani celebrates its first 40 years on the […]

from censorship in the center, Milan stops – Libero Quotidiano

Crazy stuff. To scream. And above all by censorship. We return to talk about the volcanic and wonderful Taylor Mega, one that certainly does not go unnoticed and that does nothing to avoid being noticed. The latest feat, rigorously documented on Instagram, comes from Milan. From the heart of the city, from Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, […]

Young woman raped near the hospital in Milan, a man arrested – Lombardy

Street rape in recent days. The victim works at San Raffaele The Milan mobile squad stopped a man accused of raping an employee of the San Raffaele hospital on the morning of 9 August on her way to work. The arrest was carried out in the investigation of the Milanese adjutant Letizia Mannella and the […]

Three hundred in a row before the funeral parlor of Gino Strada – Ultima Ora opens

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 21 – About an hour after the opening of Gino Strada’s funeral home at Casa Emergency, about 300 people lined up neatly under the sun (and refreshed with bottles of water provided by the volunteers of the association) waiting to cross the entrance gate, where several bouquets of flowers and messages […]

++ Moby: ok Milan court with composition with creditors ++ – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 05 JUL – “The Court of Milan with a decree published today declared Moby spa admitted to the composition procedure proposed by the company “. This is stated in a note from the company regarding the application presented to the court which has yet to decide on Cin’s request.” Moby spa, after […]

“Provocation? No, crap” – Libero Quotidiano

In the square in Milan yesterday, Saturday 27 June, walked the Pride, the LGBT demonstration that fell a little in all the cities of Italy in the days when the debate on the highly contested ddl Zan against homotransphobia. As is well known, the Vatican’s intervention against the text, with the request sent to the […]