Controversy and Protests at the Premiere of Don Carlo at La Scala

It was an unusual evening there Before the Staircasewhich opened the co. season this yearn Don Carlo directed by Riccardo Chailly. Unusual for its presence in the royal box, where the President of the Republic usually sits Sergio Mattarellawho was unable to attend, of the senator for life Liliana Segreseated next to the mayor Giuseppe Sala, and close to the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa. Unusual for the screams coming from the gallery, ‘No to fascism’ before Mameli’s anthem and ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ followed by applause. Unusual for the bass illness Michele Pertusi who, despite voice problems, continued to perform.

Liliana Segre at the premiere at La Scala

“I miss Mattarella. I have no brothers or sisters but I love him like a brother”: so the senator for life Liliana Segre speaking of the Prima della Scala, sitting in the place that usually belongs to the Head of State. “I like the evening very much. I’m a regular at La Scala, I went to the gallery and slowly went down to the stalls” she adds. This year “kindly – he concludes – the mayor and La Russa asked me to come to the royal box. I miss Mattarella. He always invited me into the royal box during intermissions. I have no brothers or sisters but I love them like a brother.” “Does everyone want to sit next to me? Good, thank goodness” the senator also said as she entered La Scala accompanied by the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala and greeted with warm applause.

Thirteen minutes of applause for Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo, conducted by maestro Riccardo Chailly and directed by Lluís Pasqual, which inaugurated the season of the Teatro alla Scala. When the director left there was some disapproval with some shouts of ‘boo’.

Liliana Segre at the Sala with the mayor of Milan, Sala

An isolated scream was heard ‘No to fascism’ and ‘Long live anti-fascist Italy’ at La Scala immediately after Mameli’s anthem performed by the theater orchestra directed by Riccardo Chailly. “If someone comes to La Scala to shout or to Ambrogino to whistle, he has a problem”: thus the deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini he commented on the shouts. “You come to La Scala to listen, not to scream”, she added, saying that the opera is “beautiful”. “I didn’t hear it”: the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa thus he explained in the second interval of Don Carlo that he had not heard the scream.

“What I didn’t understand about the controversies in which I didn’t participate was the ignorance of the fact that I am not the president’s deputy. I am the president of the Senate, it is the president who comes down to say hello, I was also there last year and I didn’t come down to greet anyone, I was not the president’s substitute, the president wasn’t there and wasn’t there no substitute”: the president of the Senate told ANSA Ignazio La Russa at the end of Don Carlo which opened the Scala season.

Before the Teatro Alla Scala

At La Scala with a thought to Giulia Cecchettin and Giulia Tramontano and to all the victims of feminicide: it is the choice of some guests of the Premiere who wanted to dispel the tradition that prohibits red in the theater to send a message Against violence on women. Sabina Negriplaywright, has worn red shoes and in front of Piermarini takes her keys out of her bag to make noise as requested by Giulia Cecchettin’s sister, while the plastic surgeon Court of Ancona she had a red dress made by Antonio Riva. Among the guests, also a lady with a red mark on her face.

The president of the Senate, La Russa at the premiere of La Scala

“I expect a great evening of music”: this is what the president of the Senate said Ignazio La Russa at ANSA at La Scala for the premiere of Don Carlo.

“I dedicated my inauguration speech to the Senate to Liliana Segre, she is a friend and an example. She passes on the memory of peoples and brings to life through her history what should not happen in the world”: this is what the Minister of Reforms said Maria Elisabetta Casellati arriving at La Scala. “It’s a showcase on the world. Opera is now a UNESCO heritage site and today witnessing this premiere of an opera from Verdi’s maturity, which moves away a little from the dramaturgical line, is truly a great pleasure, with extraordinary singers. So it’s a joy for the heart,” he added.

“Tonight I expect beauty.” As Patti Smith upon his arrival at the Prima della Scala. To those who asked her for a comment on the political situation, the singer-songwriter replied: “I’m here for the children, not for politics”.

“It’s a very beautiful evening. This is my culture, because it talks about the history of us Spaniards. I’m very happy, this is my first time here, I’m really very excited.” So the Spanish director Pedro Almodovararriving at La Scala together with the actor Louis Garrel for the premiere of Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo.

“Controversies always happen at La Scala, we all know that”: among the first guests to arrive at La Scala for the premiere of Don Carlo, Livia Pomodoro dampens the controversies on the eve of the authorities’ position in the royal box. “I expect this to be a classic La Scala premiere,” said the former president of the Milan court.

In Piazza della Scala in Milan, several groups of demonstrators gathered on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Don Carlo’. In front of the theatre, on the side of Palazzo Marino, the flags of the autonomous grassroots union Cub are flying which, as explained by the secretary Mattia Scolsri, has decided to bring “the voice of the workers to the streets as opposed to the powerful and politicians who will be present to the First”. Also present was a Ukrainian woman wearing a scarf in the colors of the flag and a sign saying “no to concerts by singer Anna Netrebko: the artist linked to Putin’s regime”, who will go on stage this evening to play Elizabeth of Valois. In addition to some activists demonstrating for housing rights, workers from the entertainment world also took to the streets to ask for severance pay.

Video Scala, the protest of a Ukrainian activist: ‘Netrebko sponsors the war’

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