Just got married, Ferry Irawan has sold the Venna Melinda apartment

loading… Ferry Irawan reportedly sold his wife, Venna Melinda’s apartment. This gave rise to slanted news, including to pay for the services of his WO wedding. Photo/Instagram @maknafoto JAKARTA – Ferry Irawan reported selling apartment the wife, Venna Melinda . This gave rise to slanted news, including paying for the services of a wedding organizer … Read more

The family used to come to Elma Theana to beg for help when she fell, Ferry Irawan’s ulcers were revealed after marrying Venna

Sosok.ID – Friendship between Elma Theana and Ferry Irawan already disconnected. Elma Theana admit to being disappointed with the attitude Ferry Irawan who often tell lies. Even though, Elma Theana known as a supportive figure Ferry Irawan in a state of decline when divorced by Anggia Novita. However, after marrying Venna MelindaFerry Irawan actually talk … Read more

Thought to be a full endorsement, Ferry Irawan objected to the price of WO Elma Theana

Jakarta – Problem Ferry Irawan with Elma Theana still rolling. Now Ferry is frank about the WO (wedding organizer) problem that is making a fuss. Ferry Irawan himself is known to be married to Venna Melinda. He previously used the services of WO Elma Theana before finally pulling it out and becoming a conversation. Ferry … Read more

Uus Fired from 3 Events until Elma Theana Reveals Evidence of Cooperation

Jakarta, Insertlive – 1. Uus Fired from 3 TV Shows to the Person Who Financed Venna-Ferry’s Wedding A collection of news about Uus who was fired from 3 events to the figure suspected of financing Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan’s marriage. Read more here. 2. Faisal asks not to mention the Gala of Zina’s child, … Read more

Officially Married, Netizens Misfocus with Venna Melinda’s Father When Ijab Kabul

Jakarta, Insertlive – Venna Melinda day Ferry Irawan officially became husband and wife on Monday (07/03). The two of them held a wedding ceremony procession at Wide Sands Beach Retreat, Bali. Venna and Ferry’s wedding was only attended by extended family and close relatives. Verrell Bramasta and Athalla Naufal also seemed to attend their mother’s … Read more

Venna Melinda & Ferry Irawan Clarification about Elma Theana Resigning to WO & Losing IDR 800 Million

Jakarta – On the eve of her wedding day, Venna Melinda and Ferry Irawan are often hit by various kinds of problems, Mother. One of them is the bad news about his withdrawal wedding organizer (WO) Elma Theana of the sacred event. Recently, Elma Theana finally opened her voice. Sonny Septian’s older brother denied the … Read more

Elma Theana’s story of Rp 800 million loss after canceling handling of Ferry Irawan’s marriage

Jakarta – Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda some time ago decided not to use the services of Elma Theana’s wedding organizer (WO) for their wedding. This makes Elma lose up to Rp 800 million. Previously, Elma’s wedding organizer (WO) would hold 7 series of wedding events. Starting from the recitation, siraman, marriage contract, to the … Read more

Called Debt to Elma Theana, Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda Clarified

Jakarta – The feud between Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda with Elma Theana’s Wedding Organizer (WO) still unfinished. Now there is news circulating that the couple who will marry in Bali still have debts to WO Elma Theana. The debt arose after previously WO Elma Theana had taken care of Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda’s … Read more

Elma Theana Exposes the Reasons for Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda to Cancel their Wedding in Jakarta: Many Reasons

Sosok.ID – It will be held soon, unpleasant news hits the plan wedding Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda. Even though it was carefully planned, Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda reportedly canceled a wedding in Jakarta, Koordinator weeding organizer (WO) Ferry Irawan and Venna Melinda’s wedding, Elma Theana not even sound. Elma Theana also admitted that … Read more

Venna Melinda shows off her wedding dress, criticized for not being age-appropriate to sexy

Jakarta – Venna Melinda would eventually end her eight-year widowhood. If it goes according to plan, in March Venna will be married to Ferry Irawan. The mother of Verrel Bramasta has also tried on her wedding dress. On her Instagram, the 49-year-old actress shared a video while fitting a wedding dress. Venna is seen wearing … Read more