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Just got married, Ferry Irawan has sold the Venna Melinda apartment


Ferry Irawan reportedly sold his wife, Venna Melinda’s apartment. This gave rise to slanted news, including to pay for the services of his WO wedding. Photo/Instagram @maknafoto

JAKARTA Ferry Irawan reported selling apartment the wife, Venna Melinda . This gave rise to slanted news, including paying for the services of a wedding organizer (WO) who took care of his wedding some time ago.

The apartment belonging to Verrell Bramasta’s mother is also a luxury residence. Unmitigated, Ferry sold the apartment located in the Kemang area, South Jakarta at a fantastic price of IDR 4 billion.

Responding to allegations circulating about her husband, Venna immediately opened her voice. Strictly speaking, the mother of two dismissed rumors that Ferry sold his apartment to pay for WO’s services.

“No, if you pay for WO, you don’t have to wait for the apartment to sell,” said Venna when contacted by the media on Saturday, April 2, 2022.

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Meanwhile, the news of the sale of the apartment was first discovered from Ferry’s personal Instagram post. It is known that the residence with an area of ​​189 meters is equipped with three bedrooms and a bathroom.

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,, Nirvana Apartment, area of ​​189 m2,3 rooms, 3 bathrooms, good view, private lift, very strategic location, Olympic swimming pool facilities, gym, sauna, playground, service area, price 4 M nett, By owner, ‘ wrote Ferry.

The post was immediately widely commented on by netizens. They questioned the reason why Ferry sold his wife’s apartment, especially since they had just married.

“Wow.. it’s already starting to sell, sell it….,” said a netizen.

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“Why is it being sold,” commented netizens.

“Too late for the wedding bus,” wrote another netizen


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