Tirlife, released 2 types of ‘Biotin Hair Line’ – Wedding 21 News

Daily hair loss care for healthy scalp and hair TIRLIFE, a premium lifestyle brand of TIRTIR, contains TIRTIR’s unique ‘Biotir’ ingredient, which is composed of effective ingredients for hair loss care such as biotin and collagen, to provide intensive care for hair loss problems. Released two types of ‘Biotin Hair Line’ with alleviating functionalities. The […]

The girl found a gorgeous second hand wedding dress for a ridiculous price

Sometimes in these shops you can find real treasures. While shopping at the Goodwill secondhand store, a girl named Giulio I decided to try on a wedding dress that sold for only $25, about 900 hryvnia. The dress fit the fashionista and the video perfectly, after posting it Tick ​​tock, it went viral. Many social […]

Designer Lauren Rodriguez married Vivienne Westwood (and Chanel) in New York

Lauren Rodriguez et Chase Corridor achieved in spring 2014. The founder, creative director and designer of the model THEY he was possessing a party at his property, in the residence he now shares Hunting, a popular painter whose is effective were being obtained by the Whitney and the Hammer Museum. Considering the fact that that […]

In New York, this wedding day mixes the English and Japanese traditions of the newlyweds

Hair and Tinder: Here is what brought you closer Masami Hosonooperator of Emptiness Challenge (a gender-neutral hairdresser, artist haunt in the East Village community) e Laura Chautin, ceramist. “My buddy Lauren asked me to go to the hairdresser with her, since she understood I liked Masami. I built an appointment for the next working day, […]

Viral Woman Cancels Marriage 3 Weeks Before D-Day, The Cause Makes It Painful

Malaysia – This woman’s dream to wear a dream wedding dress suddenly vanished because of the cancellation of the marriage. And what was even more stifling, she canceled the marriage because her future husband suddenly resigned three weeks before the D-Day and when the Rp 27 million wedding dress was ready. The story of the […]