Dutch crowds in Antwerp again, fourteen people arrested in fights

On Thursday, many Dutch people again came to Antwerp to avoid the lockdown in their own country. It is busy on the road and on the train. Police say 14 people were arrested in two separate fights. The trek to Antwerp on Thursday led to traffic jams and slow driving, especially on the E19, including […]

Overview | Culture sector can open again, who will? And when?

The Council of State suspended the closure of the cultural sector on Tuesday, which means that theaters and cinemas may reopen their doors. The reopening is still subject to the decision of the Consultation Committee and the publication of the Royal Decree, but that now seems to be a detail. Many cultural institutions are therefore […]

Traffic in Antwerp stuck: ‘Everyone wants to park in the center’

The car parks in Antwerp cannot handle the large influx of (Dutch) shoppers on Tuesday afternoon, which causes traffic jams everywhere in the center. Police are urging motorists to stay away from the city. ‘Park on the edge, that saves a lot of frustration and time.’ The Antwerp police were forced to divert traffic to […]

Support measures corona extended until April 2022

The government is extending support measures for companies and individuals affected by the corona measures. For example, all sectors can continue to rely on temporary unemployment due to force majeure. The federal government has extended the support measures regarding corona until March next year. The decision came after the Consultation Committee decided last week to […]

Education reacts irritated to statements Jan Jambon

‘Jan, in two sentences you showed on Friday what you think about Flemish primary education.’ This was stated in an open letter from school director Gunter Aerts, which was widely shared on social media. The Prime Minister described the last week before the Christmas holidays as ‘pedagogically unimportant, with some reading and I know-a lot-what’. […]

Flanders offers corona support to severely affected entrepreneurs

Flanders offers protection to entrepreneurs who are severely affected by the new corona measures of the Consultation Committee. After all, some are obliged to stop their activities, others will suffer heavy loss of turnover. Flemish Economy Minister Hilde Crevits proposes two protective measures to help financially healthy entrepreneurs to continue to pay their fixed costs, […]

Minister Verlinden: ‘Consultation committee will meet sooner’

According to Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V), the Consultation Committee will meet ‘much faster than expected’ to discuss new measures. She does not rule out the possibility that this will already happen on Friday. That is what Verlinden says in a conversation with The morning on Radio 1. ‘What must, must. No one […]

Vandenbroucke: avoid catering establishments that do not respond to corona measures

Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit) hopes that the mayors will ask their police forces to check the corona measures in the catering industry. And if that happens too little, we should avoid such cafes and restaurants ourselves. Horeca Vlaanderen thinks the minister’s statements are a pity. “If I go to a cafe where the […]