Mayor Kolff of Dordrecht closes shops due to crowds

For the vast majority of stores, no new customers are allowed in after 3:30 PM. An exception applies only to businesses that sell foodstuffs. Kolff also calls for not coming to the city center anymore. This measure only applies to this Saturday, the mayor’s spokesman reports. The shops in Rotterdam also have to close earlier […]

Kortrijk fireworks shop shoots full stock into the air

Due to the announced national fireworks ban, the Vuurwinkel in Kortrijk has to destroy its entire stock of fireworks on Saturday. ‘It’s a cry for help. We have just made a very heavy investment, and now we are told that we are not allowed to sell anything, ‘says manager Thomas Desmet. ‘The entire events sector […]

Will Thanksgiving Lead To Another US Corona Peak?

Many Americans ignore the advice to stay home before Thanksgiving. Experts fear the consequences of the busyness at the airport. Will there be an unprecedented corona peak in the US after Thanksgiving? Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has headed the US virus control service for more than 30 years, is gloomy. He fears that the congestion […]

Germany loosens up for a while during the Christmas season

Chancellor Angela Merkel asks in a press conference about the corona measures to remain patient and to persevere. The measures will be extended by at least one month, but the strict measures will be relaxed during the Christmas period. ‘The exponential growth of the coronavirus seems to have stopped, but it doesn’t stop there. The […]

Hong Kong residents receive 550 euros if the test is positive

The Hong Kong government will make a one-off payment of 5,000 Hong Kong dollars, nearly 550 euros, to residents who test positive for the corona virus. That should encourage them to get tested, says the Ministry of Health. The – one-off – premium for a positive test is also an allowance for those who are […]

The number of corona infections decreases less quickly

Between 12 and 18 November, an average of 4,165.6 people in our country became infected with the corona virus every day. That is a decrease of 21 percent and therefore less fast than in previous days. This is evident from figures from health institute Sciensano on Sunday. During the same period of November 12-18, an […]

Pfizer: ‘Corona vaccine for Christmas is becoming increasingly likely …

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has once again confirmed that the possibility that a corona vaccine will be on the market before Christmas is growing. “What we saw as the optimal scenario is now starting to become more and more likely,” said Marc Kaptein, CEO of Pfizer Netherlands, on NPO 2. “Pfizer has tried with an ambitious […]

De Croo: ‘Don’t compromise on basic EU values’

That Hungary, Poland and Slovenia threaten to block the multi-year budget of the EU and the corona recovery fund, is what Prime Minister Alexander De Croo calls ‘a dangerous game’. He argues that the European Council at tonight’s digital summit “will not compromise on the basic values ​​of the European Union.” The prime minister said […]

The Dutch may get ‘a little more space at Christmas …

Until mid-January, there will be restrictions in the Netherlands to combat the corona virus. The Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge announced this at a press conference. But at Christmas the Dutch may already be given a little more space. If the figures with the corona virus continue to fall, a cautious easing could […]

‘Give a little love’: John Lewis launches Christmas commercial with …

Retail chain John Lewis is known for its annual poignant Christmas commercials and they will also deliver one in 2020. This year it is slightly different than usual. This year’s theme revolves around small, thoughtful gestures and is inspired by the wave of charity that arose from the corona crisis: ‘We wanted to convey a […]