Artist Khaled Al-Rifai reassures the audience about his health

The artist reassured Khaled Al-RifaiHis fans and his fans expressed his health, especially after he passed through a health ailment during the last period, and as a result he entered a hospital for treatment.Khaled Al-Rifai said, during his meeting with the “Yahla” program broadcast on the “Rotana Gulf” channel, at the beginning of his medical […]

Maryse presents her latest song, Stay alone

Maryse released her latest song, “Khalik Haddi”, in the form of a video clip directed by Faten Barzi, through her official YouTube channel. The song is written by Basem Yehia, composed by Ammar El-Sayed, mixed-mastered by Hossam Saabi. The lyrics say: My life has become difficult without you, I love you, I adore your madness, […]

A fire in Gansu Dere’s house, and this is what happened

A fire broke out last night in the house of international actress Jansu Dire, after she was hospitalized last week due to food poisoning. Cansu Dere was hospitalized when she suddenly fell ill at the airport while she was about to go to Spain to receive an honorary award from a festival.This time, a fire […]

Maher Jah is the guest of Mona Abu Hamzah soon.. and these are the details!

Lebanese artist Maher Jah filmed a new episode of “Hadith Al-Balad”, which will be shown tomorrow, Friday, January 27, on the MTV screen, presented by the media, Mona Abu Hamza. It is worth noting that Maher Jah recently released a song in the Lebanese dialect titled “Ghairak Shab” from his lyrics and music, distributed by […]

A very strange decision by Moatasem Al-Nahar.. What is the reason for it?

The Syrian actor Moatasem Al-Nahar surprised the audience with a new statement through his own account, where he confirmed that he had decided to start a new life, without mentioning the reason behind this decision. Mutasim Al-Nahar said: “What is past is past, I learned a lot from it and benefited a lot from it. […]