All Countries Actually Have Guaranteed Vaccines Safety

Illustration of the logo of a researcher trying to create a corona virus vaccine. Photo: Antara, JAKARTA – A pediatrician from the Parent Care Foundation, Endah Citraresmi, said that vaccination basically makes a person immune, so there is no need to go through a sick phase when attacked by certain viruses or bacteria. “This […]

Experts Reveal the Importance of Covid-19 Vaccine for Long-Term Health

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Recovery ratio figure (recovery rate) positive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia increased from last week at 83.92 percent to more than 84 percent this week. In addition, more than 3.5 million Indonesians have tested the PCR (swab) and the ratio is positive COVID-19 only 14 percent or more were COVID-19 negative than […]

Experts Remind the Importance of Vaccines for Immunity

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Continuous and consistent educational factors must also be carried out, to make people aware of the importance of immunization. Not all people are able to accept it vaccine voluntarily as a positive and protective thing. Vaccines are the most effective way to deal with infectious diseases, prevent epidemics and pandemics of disease, […]

Learning from the Success of Polio Vaccines

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Immunization with vaccine proven successful in eradicating various diseases in the world, including Indonesia. Programs like this can be seen as an investment in the future for Indonesian children. Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) advisor, I Nyoman Kandun, revealed that the administration of the oral polio vaccine between 1995-1997 succeeded in […]

Covid-19 Task Force: Open Government with Any Vaccine, Provided …

COVID-19 Task Force Speaker Prof Wiku Adisasmito. Photo: HO / BNPB, JAKARTA – The COVID-19 Handling Task Force stated that it would be open to providing the COVID-19 vaccine from any company, as long as it was scientifically tested and passed all procedures from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). “The point is […]

Panic Again, China Finds Corona Virus in Imported Meat Products

Jakarta, Insertlive – As the first country who contracted Covid-19, now China is considered clean of the virus. However, China has recently been panicked again. This is because the Jinan City authorities in eastern China said they had again discovered the corona virus The virus was again found in imported beef and tripe from Brazil, […]