3 Hottest Artist News: Sheila Marcia Uncovers the Past, Nikita Mirzani is furious

Nikita Mirzani was accused of insulting Islam and reading prayers. Photo : Ricardo jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Artist Nikita Mirzani delivers her new statement regarding rumors of insulting Islam and reading prayers. Nikita’s statement became one of the hottest news for JPNN entertainment throughout Friday (29/10). Meanwhile, Sheila Marcia reveal his dark past in front of […]

Nikita Mirzani Allegedly Harassing Islam, Ustaz Das’ad Latif Asks Police to Take Action

Monday, October 25, 2021 – 17:43 WIB Nikita Mirzani was accused of harassing prayer readings. Photo : Ricardo jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The well-known lecturer, Ustaz Das’ad Latif, assessed that Nikita Mirzani’s act of reciting the Maghrib prayer jokingly triggered a commotion. He also asked the police to act. “Even though no one has reported it […]

6 Statements by Ustaz Das’ad Latif for Nikita Mirzani, the closing sentences hit hard

Nikita Mirzani. Photo: Ricardo/JPNN.com jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The famous lecturer Ustaz Das’ad Latif also commented on the excitement Nikita Mirzani who recites the Maghrib prayer readings jokingly and laughing loudly. Nikita Mirzani’s video spread quickly through TikTok and invited public reactions. JPNN.com summarizes six striking statements by Ustaz Das’ad Latif regarding Nikita Mirzani, quoted from […]

Ustaz Das’ad Latif says Nikita Mirzani has a mental disorder

Sunday, October 24, 2021 – 21:54 WIB Ustaz Das’ad Latif asked Nikita Mirzani to have a mental examination. Screenshot of YouTube Official iNews jpnn.com, JAKARTA – The well-known lecturer Ustaz Das’ad Latif asked the law enforcement officers to act on the case of harassment of prayer readings by Nikita Mirzani. Not only that, he also […]

Ready to be Reported, Nikita Mirzani Explains Edited Video of Viral Prayer Intentions

Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani get condemned from many people after a viral video. The video, which comes from TikTok, shows the artist’s action of reciting the intention to pray maghrib. According to Nikita Mirzani, the video circulating is not the original video. He called the video the result of editing that was allegedly done by […]

Deddy Corbuzier Disomation, Nikita Mirzani: Better Report to the Police

Jakarta, Insertlive – Nikita Mirzani know that Deddy Corbuzier has received a subpoena from Propeksos Indonesia. The summons was issued by Propeksos Indonesia because Nikita Mirzani’s remarks were accused of demeaning toll road sweepers. Nikita Mirzani said Indonesia’s Propeksos should not send subpoena. The woman who is familiarly called Nyai also gave a challenge. “I […]

Ayu Ting Ting says in front of Nikita Mirzani, make it big…

GenPI.co – Beautiful singer Ayu Ting Ting | got a game challenge in the YouTube show Crazy Nikmir Real. With controversial actress Nikita Mirzani, Ayu Ting Ting was asked to quickly answer questions about her life. Nikita Mirzani, whose nickname is Nikita Mirzani, asked about the position that this mother of one liked the most. […]

Celine Evangelista Choose Caucasian, Over-Licked, Nikita…

GenPI.co – Actress Celine Evangelista gave surprising answers while chatting with Nikita Mirzani. Inevitably, Nikita was made curious and continued to peek at Celine. This happened in a video that aired on March 30, 2021 on the Crazy Nikmir Real YouTube channel. READ ALSO: Nikita Mirzani Talks About Assets, Ready to Open a New Business, […]