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Police distribute new images in the case of the shooting death of Firdaous (11)

On Monday, January 9, 2023, 11-year-old Firdaous was shot dead in Merksem, Antwerp. A weapon of war was shot at the garage gate where the girl lives, but behind that gate a living space had been set up. Firdaous was hit by a bullet and died. There was little doubt that it was an attack in the drug environment. Two suspects have already been arrested.

The police have now distributed new images in the case. They are looking for two men and a car who were seen in the area before and after the incident. “An hour before the facts, around 5:16 p.m., a man turns from Vuurkruisenlaan into Houthulststraat,” can be read in the investigation report that was distributed on Friday.

“A few minutes later he walks across the street, together with a second man. The first man points in the direction of Vuurkruisenlaan and Nieuwdreef and then they walk further, past the alley where the car will be parked later.”

Gray Peugeot

The car is also being sought. “At 6.12 pm a gray Peugeot 308, type 8, drives through the Houthulststraat and then turns into the alley. This alley leads to garages behind a house. A moment later the first man comes out of the alley. He crosses the street and turns into Vuurkruisenlaan. Not much later, the second man follows on a dark electric scooter. A white bag hangs from his handlebars. He also drives into Vuurkruisenlaan. That street ends 250 meters further on Nieuwdreef where the shooting took place.”

Two men and a car are wanted in the investigation into the murder of Firdaous.

A few minutes after the shooting, at 6:22 p.m., the man on the scooter allegedly entered the alley again. “Not much later the other man follows on foot. A little later, at 6:24 p.m., the Peugeot drives away towards the Laarsebaan.”

Long down jackets

According to police, the first man may be between 20 and 30 years old and of normal build. He has dark hair and was wearing a long, light-colored coat with a hood, dark pants and light shoes. He smoked and had an umbrella with him. The second man is also of medium build and has dark hair. He was wearing a long, light-colored down jacket with a hood, light-colored pants and dark shoes. He moved with a dark electric scooter with a white bag on the handlebars. The car is a gray Peugeot 308, type 7, older model. The bodywork above the right front wheel is black.

If you recognize these people or recognize yourself, the police ask you to contact them. “It may be a series of coincidences and these men have nothing to do with the facts, but even then the police would like to speak to them so that this avenue can be closed,” it said. “If you have information about the gray Peugeot 308, have you seen it driving or standing somewhere, have you seen anything of the number plate or do you know where the bodywork could have been replaced, contact the police.” You can do this on 0800-30.300 or the police website.

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