This is a list of the 100 newest illegal online loans that were closed by SWI

JAKARTA, – The government through the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) has re-released a list of business activities online loan (pinjol) illegal. Newest, there are 100 illegal pinjol which was successfully closed by SWI. Until now, SWI is still active in eradicating illegal online loans which is still troubling. From 2018 to April 2022, … Read more

The Illegal Loaning Office in Jakarta Has 14 Fintech Applications, Here’s the List

Jakarta – One of loan office online (pinjol) illegal activity in the PIK area, North Jakarta, was raided by the police. The office has been operating since December 2021. “They started operating last year in December 2021. Of course they won’t have this name (announced),” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro … Read more

Illegal Loan Perpetrators in Jakarta Send SMS Bills to 100 Thousand Numbers/Day

Jakarta – The Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police dismantled the network illegal online loans (borrowing) in a number of areas in Jakarta and Tangerang by arresting seven perpetrators. One of the suspects with the initials AY (29), admitted that he used to send SMS … Read more

Confession of Illegal Loan Suspect That Caused Mother in Wonogiri to Hang Himself

Jakarta – Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri arrested seven suspects loans online (pinjol) illegal from eight locations in Jakarta and Tangerang. It is suspected that this illegal lending network had once made a mother in Wonogiri, Central Java (Central Java), commit suicide because she was in debt. The two suspects are HH (35) and AY (29). HH … Read more

Mahfud to Victims of Illegal Loans: Don’t Pay, Don’t Pay

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD say people who have become victims online loan (pinjol) illegal so as not to pay. Mahfud stated this after holding a cross-institutional meeting with the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo), the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the Attorney General’s … Read more

Revealed! This is the reason for Borrowing in Jakut to collect debts using porn photos

Jakarta – Office loans online (pinjol) illegal, PT ANT Information Consulting (AIC), in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, was raided by the police. One of the employees at the location shared his experience of working as a debt collector in the office. The employee’s name was Soza. When raided by the police on Monday (18/10) night, … Read more

The Role of 56 Pinjol Employees Who were Raided by the Police: Marketing-Debt Collector

Jakarta – Central Jakarta Metro Police raided loan office online (fintech) illegal at Ruko Sedayu Square, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, and secured 56 people at the location. Dozens of people are known to play a role in the field of marketing up to debt collection. “The employees who were visited were 56 people. They were part … Read more

National Police Chief Orders Eradication of Illegal Loans

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo ordered all his staff to take firm action against online loan providers (pinjol) illegal which is detrimental to society. Listyo said this instruction was directly from Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to pay special attention to the crime of borrowing. “Illegal pinjol crimes are very … Read more

Note! 9 Pinjols that Just Got OJK Permits

Jakarta – The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has given permits or registered marks for dozens of fintech lending services or online loans. Quoted from the official website, it is stated that currently there are 116 fintech lending providers that have been registered and licensed at the OJK. “There are 9 additional licensed fintech lending … Read more

Really nasty! Here’s the Illegal Pinjol Covert Mode

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Online loan alias pinjol illegal has many modes of crime. Entities whose majority are not registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK) have easy borrowing. “But very trapped, the fee is large, borrowing Rp. 1 million is transferred Rp. 600 thousand. High interest is around 3% per day. The short term … Read more