The Illegal Loaning Office in Jakarta Has 14 Fintech Applications, Here’s the List


One of loan office online (pinjol) illegal activity in the PIK area, North Jakarta, was raided by the police. The office has been operating since December 2021.

“They started operating last year in December 2021. Of course they won’t have this name (announced),” said the Head of Public Relations of the Polda Metro Jaya Kombes E Zulpan at the Palladium Ruko Blok G7, Jalan Pulau Maju Bersama, PIK, North Jakarta, Wednesday (26/1/ 2022).

Zulpan said the loan office had 14 apps fintech. The application is not officially registered.

“It’s just that they have it share to the public or the public is the name of the application. There are 14 applications that they manage here,”

Zulpan said the dozens of applications were not officially registered on the Internet Financial Services Authority (OJK).

“There are 14 applications that they manage here. Among them are Secured Funds, Rodi Money, Guaranteed Loans, Go Credit, Main Funds, then Online Funds and so on,” explained Zulpan.

A total of 99 people were detained at the location. Dozens of people consist of one manager and 98 employees.

Zulpan added, from a total of 98 employees at the illegal loan office, many are still underage.

“We also appeal to the elderly community. Because here we see that many who work are minors. And this they have a lack of knowledge related to activities carried out illegally. So that parents also increase supervision of their children. so that their children do not stumble into legal problems,” explained Zulpan.

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The following are the 14 applications for loan applications that were raided at Ruko Palladium Blok G7, PIK area, North Jakarta:

1. Safe Fund
2. Rodi’s Money
3. Secured Loans
4. Rupiah Pocket
5. Master Fund
6. Rocket Fund
7. Dana Online
8. Money Capital
9. Fastest
10. Cash
11. Cashworld
12. Second Loan
13. Lava
14. Go Credit

(ygs / mea)

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