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Illegal Loan Perpetrators in Jakarta Send SMS Bills to 100 Thousand Numbers/Day


The Directorate of Special Economic Crimes (Dittipideksus) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police dismantled the network illegal online loans (borrowing) in a number of areas in Jakarta and Tangerang by arresting seven perpetrators. One of the suspects with the initials AY (29), admitted that he used to send SMS containing bills or promotions illegal pinjol to 100-150 thousand HP numbers.

“100 thousand to 150 thousand numbers, SMS. Mix promotion with billing,” said AY when met at the Police Criminal Investigation Unit, South Jakarta, Thursday (21/10/2021).

The suspects who were arrested by the Criminal Investigation Unit acted as operators SMS blasting and desk collection or collect debt virtually. They were arrested in various places, from apartments in North Jakarta to housing in Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

Another suspect, HH (35), explained how they worked in distributing SMS to promote illegal borrowing and spreading bills. All tools to content, have been provided by their superiors.

“So first we prepare a laptop, Wi-Fi, and modem tools pool. Modem tool pool (is) a tool used for cards sim card that we got from our boss, and the card sim card has been registered and has been activated,” said HH on the same occasion.

“So our first turn on HP, connection to all machines. And secondly we will wear sim card. Our sim card plug in to the machine. This machine we will fill the package. After the contents of the SMS package, we will automatically turn on the software on the PC. After that, SMS will automatically be sent to the recipients,” he continued.

Meanwhile, HH denied that he was considered to spread terror to customers. The reason is, he is only in charge of sending SMS, without knowing the contents of the SMS.

“We are not part terror. We just forward the SMS. We are not that terror. We’re marketing, billing. But (content) in that content we don’t know. Can’t read what was sent,” added HH.

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