This is a list of the 100 newest illegal online loans that were closed by SWI

JAKARTA, – The government through the Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) has re-released a list of business activities online loan (pinjol) illegal. Newest, there are 100 illegal pinjol which was successfully closed by SWI.

Until now, SWI is still active in eradicating illegal online loans which is still troubling. From 2018 to April 2022, the number of illegal loans that have been closed is 3,989 illegal loans.

Investment Alert Task Force encourage law enforcement against these illegal online borrowers by continuously blocking sites and applications from being accessed by the public,” said SWI Chairman, Tongam L. Tobing in his statement, Monday (23/5/2022).

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He also asked the public to be aware of all forms of new modes carried out by the perpetrators to ensnare victims.

If they find suspicious investment offers and online loans that are not registered with the OJK, the public can consult or report to OJK Consumer Services 157, email [email protected] or [email protected].

The latest list of illegal online loans closed by SWI

The following is a list of illegal lending companies/applications blocked by the OJK Investment Alert Task Force as of April 2022:

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  1. Karya Utama Finance (
  2. CashCashNow – Online Loans (KSP RIMBA RUKUN ASRI)
  3. Online Loan – Flash Rupiah (KSP JAYA RAYA)
  4. Go Money – Online Loans (jiangz Network Co)
  5. Cash Loans – Online Loans (lidehui technology)
  6. Dream Fund – Online Loan (admin’s Dream Fund)
  7. Money Loans – Online Cash Loans (Wu Mangga)
  8. Rupiah Ku – Online Loan (Indo Fintech Corp)
  9. Secure Cash Loan Funds (sensortech)
  10. DanaKita- Online Cash Loans Credit Funds (Beach Woodrow)
  11. Fast Money Cash Loans (Lovely interest)
  12. Borrow Credit – Cheap Secured KTA (KSP Dana Mas Sejahtera)
  13. Pinjol the latest OJK 2022 guide (WTA dev)
  14. Pinjol Easy Liquid Tips (Whywe Immortal)
  15. Borrow DANA online fast guide (bosch444)
  16. Borrow Easy Money – Guide App (Dragon Up)
  17. Trusted Loan List Fund (John Zz network Inc)
  18. Liquid Fund Pro Money Loans (Mark Sally Network Inc)
  19. Dana Hope (Owner Network Co. LTD)
  20. TunaiGo – Tunai Kredit (cuudo network technology co)
  21. Tunai Super (xu technology network co)
  22. Easy Loans – Fast Loans (Wilson Hilod technology Inc)
  23. Cash Pro – Loan money (fully)
  24. Dana Go: The Best of Dana Go
  25. ONLINE LOAN (Credit Union)
  26. JURAGAN ONLINE LOAN (juraganpinjamjago)
  27. REAL&TRUSTED ONLINE LOANS (my quick loan)
  28. non.admin.and.deposit (
  29. OUR LOAN TOGETHER (bersama_pinjaman_online)
  32. Online loans (
  33. Tips for fast liquid online loans, just an ID card (Diandradevan)
  34. Koin Master – Fast loans without collateral (PT Indo Fintek)
  35. eKredit – Fast Online Loans Without Collateral (wilsontan)
  36. Quick Funds – Cheap Money Loans (KSP for developing advanced businesses plus)
  37. Borrowing Money – Fast Funds (KSP ANDALAN GEMILANG SEJAHTERA)
  38. Rupiah Fast Funds – Need Cash Without Collateral (PT Rupida)
  39. Gomoney – Hurry (Lynsey Koppenhaver)
  40. Cashloan – Cash Loan Platform
  41. Gold City – Fast Online Money Loan apk (Golden City Admin)
  42. GetLease – Easy access to money (Stefany Hainley)
  43. Easy Money – fast rupiah, borrow money online (Crissy Cipriani)
  44. Halo Duit – fast loan money loan (Scarlett Forth)
  45. Rupiah Loans – Quick Security Fast Money (Ggcnt Game)
  46. Magic Gloves – Fast liquid money loan credit (Jill Rowe)
  47. KSP Fund Pocket-Fast Online Money Loans (PT. KSP Dana Saku-Fast Easy Online Money Loans)
  48. Mainstay Capital – Easy Liquid Rupiah Loan (PUSAKA KALABA)
  49. wall in – unsecured money loan (Hashem Stroud)
  50. Wall in – Quick loan & Friends money (RONIKA Varricc)
  51. Wall In – Cash loan (Gelles Rusk)
  52. wall in – KTA Online Loan Fast Fund (alejandra Darko)
  53. Wall In – Fast Online Cash Loans (Jalisa Duren)
  54. Rupiah Credit – Borrow Cash Credit Fund Cash (Karen Ware)
  55. HoKI (Marceline Glackin)
  56. Cash Assistant (karlishalrwpduh)
  57. Emergency Cash Pocket (JACK’SBACK)
  59. Online Credit – Easy Loans (KSP Mitra Dagang Bersama)
  60. Loans Theme n-personal loans (MAKMUR INTI SEJAHTERA UTAMA)
  61. Fast Cash – Online Loans FOR MANDIRI INDONESIA BUSINESS / KSP for Mandiri Indonesia
  63. PundiPaL- Micro Loan (KSP Cahaya Indo Berjaya Ekakarsa)
  64. Rupiah Courier (Cooperative Savings and Loans Fund Telaga Swara)
  65. Online Pockets (GUNA USAHA MANDIRI INDONESIA/ KSP Guna Usaha Mandiri Indonesia)
  66. Yeah Dana – wallet (PT.Yeah Dana Indonesia/ KSP Coinku Indonesia Bersama)
  67. Cash Loans – KTA Uang (KSP Mitra Uang)
  68. Dream Fund – Trustworthy (PT. Dana Impian Indonesia/ KSP Daun Hijau Sejahtera)
  69. Help Fast – Online Loans (PT. Assist Fast Indonesia/ KSP Dana Fast Liquid)
  70. Need Capital – Quick Money (KSP DANA SPECIAL SERVICES)
  71. Easy Credit – Quick Money (PT. Easy Uang Indonesia/ KSP Dana Senja Indonesia)
  72. Success Always – Money Loans (KSP Rengas Dengklok Indonesia)
  73. Cash Maju- Online Cash Loans Credit (PT. CASH MAJU)
  74. Quick Loans – Online Money (PT. Pinjaman Kilat Indonesia/ Cooperative Bina Sejora/ KSP Bina Usaha Maju Plus)
  75. DanaRakyat – Convenient Loan (PT. DanaRakyat Indonesia/ KSP Source of Large Funds)
  76. Loan Now – Fast Money (KSP Usaha Mitra Tani)
  77. Secure Wallet – Online Loan (KSP Mitra Rezeki Prima)
  78. Friends of Money (starla ross/ Lake Toba Indonesia Savings and Loan Cooperative)
  79. Easy Borrowing – Cheap Interest (KSP BINTANG SEJAHTERA NUSANTARA)
  80. Happy Borrowing – Trusted Safe Fund Loans (KSP Dana Aman Pahala)
  81. Rupiah Loans – Low Interest (KSP Mitra Dana Sejahtera)
  82. My Capital – Rupiah Loan (KSP Sarana Modal Kita)
  83. Rupiah Cash – Easy Online (KSP Satu Digital Sentosa)
  84. Fast Funds – Fund Money Loans (Jujube Studio)
  85. Have Money – KTA Loan (KSP Putra Bangun Sentosa)
  86. Koi Loans – Trusted Safe (KSP Sarana Modal Madani)
  87. Borrow Funds (AHMAD NURANDIKA)
  88. Borrow Cash
  89. Loan Hero (ChevyJorden34)
  90. Click Cair (kilyseriy dev)
  91. Money Wallet (Mobile money wallet)
  92. My Wallet (Rack Spira)
  93. Daliy Cash (JIX LOOIL dev)
  94. Lightning Borrow (Hardy Connie)
  95. Coinku (coinku.service)
  97. Find Rupiah: Borrow more money (wumoka)
  98. Mobile pouch (Quick Snail)
  99. Instant Money Borrowing – We are fast and easy (Hendy Developer)
  100. Borrow Money – Online Cash Loans (Lending-Money)
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This is the latest list of illegal online loans (illegal borrowings) that were blocked by the OJK Investment Alert Task Force as of April 2022. The public needs to be careful with the modes that are often used in illegal lending operations.

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