Swiss aircraft compelled to release kerosene and reverse route due to emergency

The reason for the cancellation of the flight was a message from the machine’s hydraulic system, as the airline Swiss says on request. LX8 landed safely at Zurich Airport again in the afternoon. LX8 passengers were able to board a new machine at 5:30 p.m., a spokeswoman for Swiss airline said. Too heavy to land […]

Father and son convicted for fraudulent Covid loans, sentenced to jail

It was about two companies in whose management the two are involved. According to the indictment, the accused from the canton of Lucerne applied for a loan of CHF 120,000 for one company from the Corona aid program and a loan of CHF 245,000 for the other, each with incorrect information on sales. The criminal […]

The duel of the superstars: Messi against Mbappé

Erling Haaland is one of the most outstanding contemporary footballers. However, he doesn’t have a nationality that will allow him to play in a World Cup final. So Messi vs Mbappé is the best thing you can experience at this level. The duel between two offensive players, in which the age difference of 11.5 years […]

Bern as the cash of vocational teaching

All over 120,000 site visitors are anticipated by Sunday, as announced by the organizers on Tuesday. As generally, there are several younger folks among the them: about 64,000 schoolchildren want to get to know the range of the Swiss qualified earth. Competitions are at the heart of the wonderful celebration on the Bernexpo web-site. 85 […]

Switzerland hosts World Skills Championships | Abroad

Venues are the cities of Aarau, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lucerne and Montreux, as Swissskills announced on Friday. Among other things, the competitions for electronics technicians, goldsmiths, bakers and confectioners and cabinet makers are held. Switzerland is sending 37 young professionals to a total of 34 world championships. The international national associations have agreed on the […]

Bayern Munich: Ronaldo does not fit

“We discussed the topic – otherwise we wouldn’t be doing our job well. But we came to the conclusion that, despite all our appreciation, it would not have suited our philosophy in the current situation,” said the CEO of the German champions “Sports Picture”. According to media reports, Ronaldo, whose salary would have been difficult […]

2205 new infections in Switzerland

The positivity rate for the past two weeks for rapid PCR and antigen tests was 7.4 percent. In the same period, 306.3 laboratory-confirmed coronavirus infections were reported per 100,000 inhabitants. The reproduction number R, which indicates the average number of people infected by an infected person, was 1.14 around ten days ago. The utilization of […]

The earth trembled in Bern

The earthquake, which occurred at a shallow depth, was noticeable in Bern and the surrounding area, said the Swiss Seismological Service on Thursday morning. By shortly after midnight, over 200 reports were received from the population. Damage from such an earthquake is not to be expected. At around 10:39 p.m., two earthquakes with a magnitude […]