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The earth trembled in Bern

The earthquake, which occurred at a shallow depth, was noticeable in Bern and the surrounding area, said the Swiss Seismological Service on Thursday morning. By shortly after midnight, over 200 reports were received from the population.

Damage from such an earthquake is not to be expected. At around 10:39 p.m., two earthquakes with a magnitude of 1.9 had already been registered in Bern. These two weaker quakes were only felt very sporadically in Bern and the immediate vicinity.

Light earthquakes are not uncommon in Switzerland. Last year, the earthquake service at ETH Zurich recorded a total of 1,400 earthquakes. That is slightly above the long-term average. In 106 cases the earthquakes were felt by the population.

An initially relatively strong earthquake with a magnitude of 3.1 shook the canton of Glarus on May 26, 2020. Several aftershocks were registered. The largest earthquake was recorded in the same fracture system on October 25 with 4.3.

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